Showbiz / 8 Runway Veterans Who Are Still Fierce & Fabulous

8 Runway Veterans Who Are Still Fierce & Fabulous

Showbiz Feb 26, 2016

We've rounded up some of the most famous faces to have graced the runway, showing you that these models are all killer, no filler, even off the catwalk! 

Check out these eight models who've proven they're here to stay.

1. Tyra Banks

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Tyra Banks began modelling at 15, and she's one of the most familiar supermodels in runway history. She's an original Victoria’s Secret Angel, the first African-American woman to grace the cover of GQ and the brain behind America’s Next Top Model.

2. Ujjwala Raut

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Known as India’s most successful supermodel, Ujjwala Raut has modelled for Yves Saint-Laurent, Roberto Cavalli, Hugo Boss and many other world-renowned designers.

3. Naomi Campbell

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Naomi Campbell ranks as one of the most demanded and recognizable female models of her time. Now, Campbell is an actress in America’s most popular drama, Empire.

4. Mehreen Syed

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Mehreen Syed is one of the only Pakistani models to have gained international recognition. She's the CEO of International Fashion Academy of Pakistan, which she created in recognition of her struggles as an aspiring model. She's also L’Oréal’s ambassador of fashion. 

5. Aamina Sheikh

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Aamina Sheikh is one of Pakistan’s most successful models, and she's also a spokeswoman for l’Oréal. She's also garnered critical acclaim for her starring roles in Pakistani dramas. Just last year, she starred in a music video for Pakistan’s world cup.

6. Iman Ali

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Though she initially began her career modelling, Iman Ali steadily earned herself quite a reputation by branching out into the field of film after starring in Khuda Ke Liye. She suffers from multiple sclerosis but has never allowed her disability to get in the way of her determination.

7. Heidi Klum 

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Heidi Klum is the first German model to become a Victoria’s Secret Angel. She's also the host of Project Runway and Barbie’s official ambassador. She appears in several popular Hollywood movies.

8. Kate Moss

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Kate Moss is one of England’s most successful and recognizable models. She was one of the first models to promote the “heroine chic” look! She's currently a spokeswoman for Rimmel London.

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