The award-winning ANOKHI multimedia brand was founded by its CEO Raj Girn in 2002, with the launch of its first of many media offerings, ANOKHI VIBE magazine [1st iteration],  later re-named ANOKHI magazine [2nd iteration established in 2004]. This was a quarterly, print glossy magazine focusing on North America’s South Asian community as it pertained to pop culture, lifestyle, and entertainment. The magazine quickly became a favourite amongst the community, winning a number of awards, accolades, and acknowledgements, around the pioneering work that it did, speaking comprehensively to the community’s dual identity – ‘integrated immigrants’ and ‘proud expats’, as well as the North American born ‘second’ and ‘third’ generations.

ANOKHI MAGAZINE saw much success and became the benchmark by which South Asian mainstream identity was being recognized. Moreover, the magazine had great crossover appeal, as it was widely known amongst the mainstream community as well, which in the pre-South Asian pop culture explosion era (2007), was considered an anomaly, since most media at that time was either mainstream-centric or culturally insular.

Today, ANOKHI Magazine is an online digital content property in the form of a multi-dimensional Blog and has seen 2 more iterations take place since 2013. ANOKHI MEDIA [3rd iteration] came about due in part to its digital growth across online with the addition of 2 YouTube video channels – ANOKHI Spotlight Tv (lifestyle) and ANOKHI Pulse Tv (entertainment); social communities at Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn; and a robust e-Community. Additionally, its growth was due in part also to its popularity with its glamour centric event series The ANOKHI PRESIGE Experience (daytime seminars) and The ANOKHI Awards (red carpet, show, party), along with The ANOKHI List, which married the content and experiential forums of the brand together seamlessly.

In 2019, after ANOKHI hit it’s 15-year milestone in 2018, the brand became ANOKHI LIFE (4th iteration], with the mandate to go deeper to represent the many facets that make up today’s Gen-X and Millennial communities so as to serve the overarching community in a more meaningful, intimate, inclusive, and diverse manner than ever before. In a press release, Raj encapsulated the goal as being to “highlight the individuality of our varied voices, which collectively make up the life force of the South Asian community. Hence, the name change from ‘media’ to ‘life’, where our focus will go from creating platforms to speak, to creating opportunities to be heard.”

So far, this latest iteration has seen the blog content be re-categorized to: Culture & Lifestyle, Work Life, What Pisses me Off!, Beauty, Fashion, Showbiz. Additionally, the ANOKHI UNCENSORED monthly talk radio show launched in September, in partnership with Rukus Avenue Radio on the world’s largest original content digital radio platform, Dash Radio. The goal of this show is to discuss the real issues that matter to the community, with no filter. The hosts of the show Gen-X Hina P. Ansari and Millennial Ruchika Bindra Anand, who bring their respective generations perspectives to the table.

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In 2017, ANOKHI’s professional services portfolio was amalgamated after years of customizing client outreach campaigns to tap into the growing South Asian market across a multitude of platforms, adopting both old (benchmark) and new (innovative) strategies to optimize client to consumer reach, awareness, and engagement. This fully customizable “360” consulting service allows clients to tap into ANOKHI’s vast regional, national, and international resources, that include: production, public relations, content/social/e-marketing, endorsements, market research, branding, and more. This allows for aggressive and objective driven results to augment and amplify our clients’ relationships with the South Asian diaspora that we specialize in, when they go to market.

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+ The ANOKHI LIFE brand has garnered unparalleled success and loyalty from:

–   The South Asian Community it represents, through diverse, consistent, and relatable engagement techniques across a multitude of properties – online, social, e-marketing, content marketing, ads, and event related activation;

–   The Mainstream Society, which acknowledges it as the most visible and relevant South Asian multi-platform, multimedia brand in North America, often relying on us for demo based resources.

–   The Business world, with their long-time advertising, sponsorships, content marketing, consulting utilization of our extensive and cost effective services and resources.

+ The ANOKHI LIFE brand is the first and most formidable media of its kind to identify and perfect awareness driving, ROI-centric strategies for creating consistent engagement between brands and the South Asian community across multiples touch points, thus remaining at the forefront of methodical innovation to continue to tap into North America’s most sought after, richest and fastest growing cultural group.

+ The ANOKHI LIFE brand has an unmatched ability to provide dual purpose ROI through a “zeroing in strategy” (microscopic approach) and various “amplification strategies” (macroscopic approach), using innovative and multi-tiered client messaging (story-telling) campaigns utilizing traditional and new media, event activations, and marketing funnels to   accomplish results for all budgets and types of businesses/corporations. ANOKHI’s collective resources reach a vast array of industries, with special focus on South Asian lifestyle, glamour, and culture, with unparalleled relationships around the world. We have served clients such as: Diageo, L’Oreal Paris, Pantene, Shiseido, T-Fal, Rowenta, Rogers, Hilton and many more.

+ The ANOKHI LIFE brand is the first and only company that serves the South Asian demo which identifies the equal importance of the expat and Canadian-born South Asian profile, thus having a strong hold across its platforms with Gen Y Millennials and Gen X sectors alike.

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