The ANOKHI trifecta began business in 2002 with the launch of its first of many media offerings, ANOKHI VIBE magazine (later re-named ANOKHI magazine), which was a quarterly print glossy focusing on North America’s South Asian community as it pertained to lifestyle, pop culture, and entertainment. The magazine quickly became a favourite amongst the community, winning a number of awards, accolades, and acknowledgements, because it was the only magazine of its kind that spoke comprehensively to the community’s dual identity – “integrated immigrants” or “proud expats”, as well as the North American born “second” and “third” generation.

The magazine saw much success and became the benchmark by which South Asian mainstream identity was being recognized. Moreover, the magazine had great crossover appeal, as it was equally known amongst the mainstream community as it was within the South Asian diaspora, which in its early days, was an anomaly since most media was either only mainstream or only cultural. ANOKHI Magazine is now a monthly digital property which has remained a relevant and reliable resource to acquire knowledge about one of the most visible, highly educated, prosperous, and brand savvy cultural groups in North America.

In 2016, the company’s unparalleled success brought about a complete pivot due to its exponential, high demand digital growth across online, mobile, and social platforms, bringing with it, a strategic re-brand from a predominantly magazine and events centric operation, to a full-service media, events, and marketing company. Duly, the ANOKHI brand became the ANOKHI MEDIA brand, allowing for a breadth of diverse, meaningful, engaging, and customizable opportunities to be offered for its clients, partners, and the consumer alike (B2B and B2C opportunities).

The Media Portfolio:







In 2007, the company introduced The ANOKHI Awards after realizing the upward trajectory of success that the community had began to illustrate in North America, in many instances, dominating industries as thought leaders and innovators. The awards have gone on to become the pre-eminent showcase and celebration of the regional, national, and international success story of the South Asian community in North America, across five pillars of industry: Business, Media, Entertainment, Crusader, and Glamour. Being widely thought of as the signature event on the continent that highlights the community’s mainstream milestones, led to the launch of the adjunctive celebratory product, Canada’s first ever South Asian coffee table book entitled The ANOKHI List. This was launched at the 2015 awards show and has subsequently become a highly anticipated annual keepsake that has been launched each year since, at the awards show in Toronto, Canada.

The official awards site coming in the summer of 2017 at www.AnokhiAwards.com.

Some Highlights:

2017 has seen the extension of the event portfolio to include a new member-driven, boutique event series called The ANOKHI PRESTIGE Experience (T.A.P.E.), where full day lifestyle based events are curated to include onstage programming, vendors activation lounge, and networking opportunities.

The official Prestige events site: www.AnokhiPrestige.com.

Some Highlights:



2017 has also seen the amalgamation of ANOKHI’s professional services portfolio after years of customizing client outreach campaigns to tap into the growing South Asian market across a multitude of platforms, adopting both old (benchmark) and new (innovative) strategies to optimize client to consumer reach, awareness, and engagement. This is a fully customizable “360” marketing consulting service that allows clients to tap into ANOKHI’s vast resources that include production, public relations, content/social marketing, endorsements, market research, and branding. This allows for aggressive and objective driven results to augment our clients’ relationships with the South Asian diaspora that we specialize in, when they go to market.

The official website will be launching in Fall 2017 at: www.Anokhi360.com




The ANOKHI MEDIA brand has garnered unparalleled success and loyalty from:

The community it represents, through diverse, consistent, and relatable engagement techniques across a multitude of properties online, mobile, social, e-marketing, content marketing, ad positioning, and event related activation;

The mainstream society, which acknowledges it as the most visible and relevant South Asian multi-platform, multimedia brand in North America, often relying on us for demo based resources;

ANOKHI MEDIA is the first and most formidable media of its kind to identify and perfect awareness driving, ROI-centric strategies for creating consistent engagement between brands and the South Asian community across multiples touch points, thus remaining at the forefront of methodical innovation to continue to tap into North America’s most sought after, richest and fastest growing cultural group;

The corporate and community sectors, for its unmatched ability to provide dual purpose ROI through a “zeroing in strategy” (microscopic approach) and various “amplification strategies” (macroscopic approach), using innovative and multi-tiered client messaging (story-telling) campaigns utilizing traditional and new media, event activations, and marketing funnels to accomplish results for all budgets and types of businesses/corporations;

ANOKHI’s collective resources reach a vast array of industries, with special focus on South Asian lifestyle, glamour, and culture, with unparalleled relationships around the world.




ANOKHI MEDIA is the first and only company that serves the South Asian demo which identifies the equal importance of the expat and Canadian-born South Asian profile, thus having a strong hold across its platforms with Gen Y Millennials and Gen X sectors alike.

ANOKHI MEDIA is the first and only company that has recognized the equal importance of Eastern and Western content and role models to the demo, which is why its extensive celebrity portfolio has encompassed exclusive interviews with global personalities like Priyanka Chopra and Aishwarya Rai as well as Kim Kardashian and Dita Von Teese (but to name a few).

ANOKHI MEDIA is the first and one of the only companies that provide successful multi-tiered branding opportunities for small business like the Host Group of Restaurants as well as multinational corporates like Diageo and L’Oréal Paris (but to name a few).


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