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The ANOKHI Community Spotlight is a space for small businesses, charities, and personal "hero" stories to receive awareness across our magazine blog during the weekends. These articles will also be shared across our social media platforms and be distributed to our newsletter community, totalling over 2 million active members, followers, and subscribers from around the world.

This is a completely free service that we are providing to South Asians centric initiatives from anywhere in the world, to support those who cannot afford to advertise. If you or someone you know could benefit from this service, please email us at [email protected], for a chance to be featured. Good luck!

Our 2021 Roundup: Tired Of Swiping? Click Matchmaking Brings A Personal Approach To Finding Your Soulmate

Launched in June of this year, Neeru Giri and Babita Atwal know that swiping your way to a successful relationship may not be for everyone. That's why they decided to dive into the matchmaking space with their new venture, Click Matchmaking. Focusing on personal face-to-face consultations with a focus on finding you the one.


Desai Foundation Brought Back Their Iconic Diwali On The Hudson Gala

Focused on the health and welfare of women and children the Desai Foundation has been bringing grassroots programming, vocational training, menstrual hygiene education and equity to women and children all over the world for 23 years. They return to the stage this year with their annual Diwali On The Hudson Gala. 


Here's How Plan U Will Help You Achieve Optimal Nutritional Health

Dr. Sapna Makhija knows that trying to keep healthy can be a challenge. Understanding that there's no such thing as a "one size fits all" type of program, she created PlanU where she provides customized personal coaching and mentoring sessions to help you achieve your nutritional health goals.  My Business: PlanU Founder: Dr. S


Sign Up For BollyCORE's Movathon Fundraiser To Educate India's Underserved Children Through AIM for Seva

Established in 1992, AIM For SEVA is a Canadian not-for-profit charity based in Ontario with a focus on providing education to the most disadvantaged children in India as a way out of child labour and poverty. AIM stands for “All India Movement”, and Seva which, as we know, is a part of our South Asian culture's ideology of service. In a special fundraising collaboration, AIM for Seva has partnered up with Puja Amin of Sanskriti Arts and


  • Gold Medal Powerlifter Grounded Due To COVID Gives His Time To Help Frontline Workers In Vancouver

    Sumeet Sharma is a B.C. correctional officer who is also a competitive gold medal powerlifter. He was set to go to an internationally recognized competition in the Czech Republic in May but got grounded due to COVID-19. Sharma decided to make use of his time, so he along with his ...


  • SAGA Foundation Creates A Platform To Increase Awareness Of The Global South Asian Art World

    In 2005, Ali Adil Khan, a globally renowned art lover, critic and collector, created the South Asian Gallery Of Art (SAGA) a commercial art gallery which focuses on showcasing and selling key art works from the South Asian art world. One year ago in 2019, Khan expanded it even further by creating th ...


  • Shayde Beauty Tackles Hyperpigmentation & Acne Scars For South Asian Skintones

    Shay Paresh has been dealing with hyperpigmentation and acne scars and she realized that there wasn't anything out there to handle the melanin-rich skintones such as hers. So she decided to do something about it. Introducing Shayde Beauty!  My Business: ...


  • The Beauty Market Offers Personalized Online Shopping & Virtual Beauty Consults For Those Looking To Amp Up Their Skincare

    COVID-19 has caused various businesses to pivot in order to be sustainable in this new world. That includes Infuse Med Spa. In November, founder ...


  • South Asian Sexual And Mental Health Alliance Wants To Shed Light On Taboo Topics For South Asian Youth

    South Asian Sexual And Mental Health Alliance (SASMHA) was created to help South Asian youth get the support they needed to tackle taboo topics such as cultural identity, sexual health, mental health and LGBTQIA+ issues. Through various workshops including their Brown Taboo Project initiative, S ...


  • The Woodsman Beard Launches Balms & Oils For The Perfect Beard

    Bobby Dhillon wanted to create something to help with men and their beards. The Woodsman Beard brings an exclusive collection of oils and balms to "help amplify your beard's identity". Launched in spring of this year, The Woodsman Beard aims to add an element of care to men's skin and haircare r ...


  • Love Reconnected Aims To Teach Ways To Overcome Our Differences And Accept LGBTQ2+

    Hasina Juma and her same-sex partner Carmella Wallace know full well the obstacles that they have had to overcome when it came to acceptance from their family and friends. That's why they decided to launch Love Reconnected, a 6-week online course to help people come together overcome their diffe ...


  • Canadian Author Delights The Young & Young At Heart With Her Latest Book "'Twas The Night Before Diwali"

    Canadian author Zenia Wadhwani wanted to create something so families can not only enjoy Diwali together but learn about the cultural traditions and history that come with this au ...


  • 2RaysHope Guides NGOs In India On Ways To Build A Brighter Future For Children

    The poverty in the slums of India was not lost on Ash Tooray a Senior Youth Justice Practitioner, life coach, motivational speaker and an advocate for non and visible differences. That's why she wanted to create a platform to help support Indian NGOs so that they can be most effective w ...


  • Spirit Warrior Nation Will Enhance Your Brightest & Best Self With Online Daily Meditations & More

    Yoga teacher, health coach and Karuna Reiki Master, Thara Natalie wanted to expand beyond her yoga studio and bring her expertise to the world. Using the power of social media, Thara has launched Spir ...


  • Kaur Voices Launches #MeTooSikh To Create Awareness & Support For Sikh Women

    Marking three years of #MeToo which created a global movement of empowerment for women across all walks of live, Kaur Voices took it one step further to launch their #MeTooSikh hashtag which continued their focus on breaking the "cultural silencing" of Sikh women by amplifying their voices and c ...


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