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The ANOKHI Community Spotlight is a space for small businesses, charities, and personal "hero" stories to receive awareness across our magazine blog during the weekends. These articles will also be shared across our social media platforms and be distributed to our newsletter community, totalling over 2 million active members, followers, and subscribers from around the world.

This is a completely free service that we are providing to South Asians centric initiatives from anywhere in the world, to support those who cannot afford to advertise. If you or someone you know could benefit from this service, please email us at [email protected], for a chance to be featured. Good luck!

Canadian Author Delights The Young & Young At Heart With Her Latest Book "'Twas The Night Before Diwali"

Canadian author Zenia Wadhwani wanted to create something so families can not only enjoy Diwali together but learn about the cultural traditions and history that come with this auspicious occasion. So taking a cue from the classic Christmas tale, she along with illustrations by Manon Larivière published her third book for the


2RaysHope Guides NGOs In India On Ways To Build A Brighter Future For Children

The poverty in the slums of India was not lost on Ash Tooray a Senior Youth Justice Practitioner, life coach, motivational speaker and an advocate for non and visible differences. That's why she wanted to create a platform to help support Indian NGOs so that they can be most effective when it comes to addressing various social issues that dominate the Indian community. From addressing mental health, palliative care, working with acid


Spirit Warrior Nation Will Enhance Your Brightest & Best Self With Online Daily Meditations & More

Yoga teacher, health coach and Karuna Reiki Master, Thara Natalie wanted to expand beyond her yoga studio and bring her expertise to the world. Using the power of social media, Thara has launched Spirit Warrior Nation providing unique online daily meditations,


Kaur Voices Launches #MeTooSikh To Create Awareness & Support For Sikh Women

Marking three years of #MeToo which created a global movement of empowerment for women across all walks of live, Kaur Voices took it one step further to launch their #MeTooSikh hashtag which continued their focus on breaking the "cultural silencing" of Sikh women by amplifying their voices and creating various culturally sensitive support systems.  Our Organization:


  • Joy Of Sharing Foundation Provides Free Hot Meals & Groceries For The Underserved In Southern California

    For the past 9 years, Norwalk California has been the hub of generous community spirit. Led by the people from Joy Of Sharing Foundation, over 24,000 residents in and around the Southern California area, have been receiving free freshly cooked hot meals and grocery care packages. Due to COVID-19 ...


  • How I Am Using My Music & Activism To Tell People To Vote

    Aarti Bhatnagar is a passionate advocate for education and technology, driving social change. Thanks to collabs with various artists including with her own band The Coworkers, Aarti is keen on spreadin ...


  • Desai Foundation Invites You To "Lotus Festival" — Their Uplifting Virtual Concert For COVID Relief

    Focused on the health and welfare of women and children the Desai Foundation has been bringing grassroots programming, vocational training, menstrual hygiene education and equity to women and children all over the world for 23 years. They now have an upcoming virtual fundraiser to raise funds fo ...


  • South Asians In Sports Provides A Network & Resource Space For Those Working In The Sports Industry

    When it comes to providing a professional support space for South Asians who are working in the sports industry, amazingly there wa ...


  • How I Have Manifested All Of My Dreams Including Writing My First Book

    Annie Koshy is a multi-media maverick who after leaving a long-term relationship, decided to change course and focus on all of her dreams. One by one, with zeal and flair she managed to check them off ...


  • Knackstor Connects Seniors With Unique Skills With Those Looking For Contract Hires

    When seniors retire some feel that they are losing a sense of their value. Knackstor comes in and provides an unique platform where ...


  • How I Ignored A Publisher's Advice And Turned Into A Best-Selling Author

    Saurav Dutt wanted to turn his passion for storytelling into something more tangible. Publishers told him that if his South Asian stories didn't involve cookie cutter plot lines, no one would be interested. He ...


  • LAILY Designs Chic Custom-Made Gowns For The Woman Who Wants To Look Like A Million Bucks

    New to Canada, Laily Nazary always dreamt of being a fashion designer. With two kids in tow, she decided to enroll in school and graduated and now she has LAILY,  a thriving business creating beautiful custom-made creations for the confidant woman.  My Business: LAILY ...


  • How I Took My Mental Health Awareness And Created A Space For My Community

    Growing up Jessie Brar knew that she had something that needed to be addressed. But she didn't know what it was. She just knew that things were just not adding up for her. It wasn't until hearing a presentation where two South Asian men spoke about their own mental health issues, the related sym ...


  • The Lotus Movement Foundation Aims To Fight The Stigma Of Mental Health In South Asian Communities

    There was a need for an organization to help break the stigma of mental health within the South Asian and marginalized communities in the Ottawa Reg ...


  • Ayana's Adaptive Dance With Friends Creates A Free, Safe Space For Kids With Special Needs

    A junior in high school, Ayana B. Patel loves to dance. "It has always been my safe space to relieve stress and express my emotions," Ayana expl ...


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