These Bronzers Are Perfect For Your Wintery Brown Skin

Let’s face the undeniable truth about South Asian beauty – all shades of brown ranging from wheat to espresso are gorgeous.  To ensure that the world takes notice of our skin tones while we traverse the harsh terrain of a Canadian winter, let’s employ simple tricks to add bronze and glow.


Our Shopping Tips For Must-Have Beauty Products Will Save You From Going Broke

As we descend into the bowels of winter, our skin and hair shrivel under the weight of Arctic blasts and indoor heating, and we need to moisturize more than ever. While all that is going on, we’re feeling the pinch in our budgets when it comes to updating our fave beauty products. So how do we reconcile our needs with our budgetary reality? By picking products a la carte, that address the specific area(s) that need moisture, rather than pur


Enhance Your Gorgeous Mahogany Skin Tone With These Key Brown Shades

Throughout this transitional season we have been seeing Bollywood explore the Latte trend, where it was not about pops of colour but the beauty was presented with a more muted vibe, thanks to neutral tones across the eyes, cheeks and lips. We take that trend and give it a next level push with what we can describe as Kerala Coffee beauty look. This time bringing key options for our gorgeous sisters who have the richest of melanin. With o


Let the Neutrogena® Double Cleansing Routine Light Up Your Skin This Diwali

*Sponsored Post* For Diwali, not only should one be focused on bringing out their next-level style but it’s also important to make sure that your skin is ready to give off that unforgettable glow! It’s the Festival of Lights, the season of bold colours, stunning styles and of course, beautiful clean skin! Give your face the TLC it deserves with a fresh take on the double cleanse routine, th


  • DressYourFace New York's Masterclass Was A 360 Celebration Of Beauty Empowerment

    On September 4th, the ballroom at The Hilton Hotel NYC Midtown was filled to the brim with beauty enthusiasts from all over who flocked to see beauty entrepreneur and global beauty educator Tamanna Roashan conduct her globally-acclaimed DYF Masterclass. The event which celebrated ...


  • TIFF 2023: The Best Beauty Looks From The Red Carpet

    A famous quote by Khalil Gibran, ‘’Beauty is not in the face; beauty is a light in the heart.’’ The Toronto International Film Festival (TIFF) spotted glamorous beauty moments captured by the camera's eyes. Here are our favourite beauty looks from the red carpet!  TIFF 2023 wrap ...


  • We Love How Radhika Madan Gives The Smokey Eye A Fresh Look

    Bollywood star Radhika Madan has lots to celebrate. As the newly-inducted member of the International Emmy Awards Jury, being the first South Asian star to do so, we wanted to focus in on her impeccable beauty looks. Case in point: she gives the smokey eye treatment a fresh spin, balancing timel ...


  • Here's Why We're In Love With Kay, Katrina Kaif's Latest Vegan Beauty Products

    Bollywood Star Katrina Kaif launched a new range of vegan-coloured matte kajals, micro blading pen and brow products, extending her Kay Beauty By Katrina line. Here are our list of reasons why we are in love with Katrina Kaif's new additions to her hot b ...


  • Prep Your Face For Fall With These Key Foundation Tips

    There are still several weeks of summer on the calendar, and with the sun's rays still beating down, creating a fresh, clear complexion has its challenges. The trick to keep the face looking summer, while you slowly slide into autumnal vibes is to select a foundation that suits your skin type a ...


  • Event Alert: Catch Tamanna Roashan In New York For Her Latest Dress Your Face Masterclass

    Global beauty educator, founder & CEO of Dress Your Face, Tamanna Roashan will be in Midtown New York on September 4th for her latest and most amazing Dress Your Face Masterclass. With an incredible lineup and fab collabs in store, here are all the details on how to get the exclusive tickets ...


  • Suhana Khan's Barely There Beauty Look Is Perfection

    Suhana Khan is making waves in the Bollywood biz even before her big Archies debut. With her nightlife, her business acumen (she just bought an investment farm!) and her big beauty contract, she is definitely making her mark. That's why we love her latest insta post where she seems to be flaunti ...


  • Kiara Advani Brings Out The Fresh Summer Glow

    Kiara Advani has perfected the natural dewy makeup look and we just love how she manages to keep that vibe even when she's in full out eve glam red carpet mode. With her highlighted cheeks, muted lips and amazing dewy skin we are inspired by how we don't need a gazillion techniques to make our beaut ...


  • The Hottest Beauty Bridal Trends That Bollywood Wants You To Know About

    Alia Bhatt's 2022 wedding was a glamourous affair and her neutral bridal look, a feast of cream and pearl, demonstrated how soft neutrals deliver as much glitz and sizzle as the classic red bridal look. ...


  • The Optimal Beauty Packing Guide For Your Summer Vacay

    When it comes to travel we all hit the same packing conundrum: how do take along all of our necessary beauty products? Meena Khan in her recent jaunt to Florence, Italy learned the hard way on what she really needed in her carry-on. The frequent traveller realized that this time around, more is ...


  • #ANOKHI20: Here’s How You Can Get The Best Beauty Looks From The ANOKHI Emerald Series

    As you know, ANOKHI celebrated 20 years of sharing stories and uniting the South Asian community in Toronto. The beauty of the#ANOKHI20 festivities was punctuated by each guest’s beauty game because each one understood the assignment: pure bespoke glamour. What made the glamourous looks special, i ...


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