Sonakshi Sinha-Inspired Makeup Tips For Your Big Fat Indian Wedding

Summer is not only about sunshine, it is also about weddings, and if the wedding is a big fat Indian one, glamour is the rule! At Sonakshi Sinha’s recent nuptials, her neutral and red wedding outfits with timeless make-up demonstrated that regardless of your colour palette the rule always applies.  In this blog, I breakdown how Sonakshi’s eye make-up took centre stage and her soft complexion and neutral lips played strong side heroes in her


Blue Is For Brown Beauties: Picking The Right Shade Of Blue Eye Makeup For Brown Skin Tones

Blue eye makeup is a breezy, dreamy beauty trend for summer 2024 that flatters brown eyes and all shades of brown skin.  This blog explores the importance of how to pick the right shade of blue, the key products to create two different looks and tips on how to balance the blue eyes with the cheeks and lips. Say No To The Navy And Yes To Royalty! Have you ever heard of the old beauty trick that to make your teeth look white


Sun-Savvy South Asians: The Ultimate Myth-Busting Guide To Sunscreen Products

Summer is all about fun in the sun… but it should also be your chance to integrate a year-round sunscreen habit into your daily routine so that you preserve the magnificence of your brown beauty for years to come.  Brown skin, like other shades, can develop age spots, discolouration and may even lead to skin cancer if it is exposed repeatedly to UVA (aging rays) and UVB (burning rays) without any protection. In this blog, I review basic con


South Asian Heritage Month: 10 Successful South Asian Beauty Brands That Combine Science & Art To Promote Inclusivity

As the month of May plods towards colour and brightness, it is a great time to reflect on how the beauty space is populated with classic and new brands founded by people of South Asian origin.  As someone who has been in the beauty space for many moons, I confirm that when I started as a salesperson there were no such lines, and the foundation range was bleak, to say the least.  I was convinced as a teenager that there would never be a conceale


  • Bollywood Inspired Mother's Day Gifts Ideas For Our Special South Asian Stars: Grandma, Mom and Aunty

    Mother’s Day is fast approaching and with it, whether we wish to admit it or not, comes the pressure of buying a great gift. We may think we know our grandmothers, mothers and aunts… but do we?  Often, we see these vibrant, brave women through the lens of their maternal role, rather than as ful ...


  • Men's Skincare Tips Inspired By Our Fav Bollywood & Hollywood Actors & Influencers

    If the men in your life are complaining about itchy skin, tired eyes or shrivelled lips, chances are their skin is also suffering from the springtime blues during which our skin is caught between warm days and cold fronts.  They may slyly dive into your skin care collection thinking that they just ...


  • Peachy Shades for South Asian Beauty Routines

    Learn how to interpret the sweet shade of peach fuzz into sensational warm weather beauty looks that make brown skin glow! Below are product suggestions and application tips & tricks to rock Pantone's colour of the year on South Asian skin tones.  Pantone, the world-renowned expert ...


  • The Beauty Styles of Strong South Asian Women

    As we celebrate women in the month of March, discover the beauty styles of five strong, diverse South Asian women who are walking so that future generations can soar!  Each woman is inspiring because of her ability to break barriers – and stereotypes – through hard work and courage.  Their ...


  • Fast Beauty For The Month Of Fasting

    Ramadan has started and millions of South Asian Muslims will observe a month during which they opt to not eat or drink from sunrise to sunset for religious and spiritual reasons. Fasting also impacts beauty routines because the ...


  • These Bronzers Are Perfect For Your Wintery Brown Skin

    Let’s face the undeniable truth about South Asian beauty – all shades of brown ranging from wheat to espresso are gorgeous.  To ensure that th ...


  • Our Shopping Tips For Must-Have Beauty Products Will Save You From Going Broke

    As we descend into the bowels of winter, our skin and hair shrivel under the weight of Arctic blasts and indoor heating, and we need to moisturize more than ever. While all that is going on, we’re feeling the pinch in our budgets when it comes to updating our fave beauty products. So how do we ...


  • Enhance Your Gorgeous Mahogany Skin Tone With These Key Brown Shades

    Throughout this transitional season we have been seeing Bollywood explore the Latte trend, where it was not about pops of colour but the beauty was presented with a more muted vibe, thanks to neutral tones across the eyes, cheeks and lips. We take that trend and give it a next level push w ...


  • Let the Neutrogena® Double Cleansing Routine Light Up Your Skin This Diwali

    *Sponsored Post* For Diwali, not only should one be focused on bringing out their next-level style but it’s also important to make sure that your skin is ready to give off that unforgettable glow! It’s the Festival of Lights, the season of bol ...


  • DressYourFace New York's Masterclass Was A 360 Celebration Of Beauty Empowerment

    On September 4th, the ballroom at The Hilton Hotel NYC Midtown was filled to the brim with beauty enthusiasts from all over who flocked to see beauty entrepreneur and global beauty educator Tamanna Roashan conduct her globally-acclaimed DYF Masterclass. The event which celebrated ...


  • TIFF 2023: The Best Beauty Looks From The Red Carpet

    A famous quote by Khalil Gibran, ‘’Beauty is not in the face; beauty is a light in the heart.’’ The Toronto International Film Festival (TIFF) spotted glamorous beauty moments captured by the camera's eyes. Here are our favourite beauty looks from the red carpet!  TIFF 2023 wrap ...


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