Skin Diversity Learning Series Aims To Enhance Canadian Dermatologists’ Knowledge & Understanding On What Diverse Skin Needs

*Sponsored Post* In an effort to broaden the education and awareness of diverse skin types, the Canadian Dermatology Association (CDA) launched The Skin Diversity Learning Series: Expanding Perspectives in Dermatology - a new accredited continuing education program for certified Canadian dermatologists. Canada is the Face of Diversity Canada’s skin, nail, and hair experts — o


The Hottest Eye And Lip Beauty Looks Perfect For The Holidays

The holiday season is upon us and with it comes the oh so arduous task of looking glamourous for (physically distanced) cocktails.  The colours! The textures! The combinations!  Just thinking about how many ways we can easily and quickly make our South Asian features just shine… makes me giddy with delight because for far too long we have hidden ourselves under layers of flannel and black screens on Zoom. Check out the perfect eye and lip


Holiday Gift Guide 2021: 9 Sundar Beauty Gift Ideas

We kick off our annual the ANOKHI LIFE Holiday Gift Guide and as usual, we love to feature awesome gift giving ideas from South Asian businesses. This year we are thrilled to bring to you beauty essentials and new launches from the various worlds including fragrance, cosmetics, skincare and hair care.  FRAGRANCE   Byredo Mumbai Noise [caption id="attac


18 Beautiful Ways You Can Support Breast Cancer Awareness

As you know, October is Breast Cancer Awareness month and every year there is a growing list of companies adding their voices to the much needed fundraising needed for breast cancer research. Check out the list of brands that are part of the global movement to raise awareness and funds for breast cancer research.  Estée Lauder has carved out an unique space in the Breast Cancer Awareness/fundraising field. By bringing out their icon


  • TIFF 2021: Our Favourite Beauty Looks From The Red Carpet

    The Toronto International Film festival hosted celebrities from across the world. And just like that, the beauty quotient was off the charts. Here our our favourite beauty looks from red carpet!  TIFF 2021 was a star-studd ...


  • SkinCeuticals’ Medical Educator Selma Damen Reveals Why Hyaluronic Acid Is The Secret To Firm Healthy Skin At Any Age

    *Sponsored Post* Selma Damen, Medical Educator at SkinCeuticals Canada shares her insights ...


  • SkinCeuticals' Hydracorrect Line Is Built To Bring The Best Of Hyaluronic Acid To Your Skincare Routine

    *Sponsored Post* When it comes to skincare, nothing beats the hydrating strength of hyaluronic acid. And that’s why SkinCeuticals has decided to harness the inimitable powe ...


  • How To Get Your Face From Blah To Brilliant In Just 5 Minutes

    The last year and half have taught us the value of our time. And that is important when it comes to prepping ourselves for the day. In a time crunch? No worries, we’ve got tips on how to get your beauty on in just 5 minutes As we slowly trudge towards fall which signals for many a retu ...


  • Brittle Baal? Give Your Locks Some Summer Love With These Key Hydrating Tips

    When it comes to summer, we are usually focused on moisturizing our skin. However our hair needs some solid hydration as well. Check out these key hydrating tips you need to make your baal brilliant.  Summer regenerates the soul … and degenerates the hair. Between exercise, walking in ...


  • This Is How To Wear Your Shades Without Smudging Your Concealer

    When it comes to this season, wearing your favourite sunglasses is important. Not only do they look cool, but they also protect your eyes and the delicate skin surrounding them from the harmful UVA and UVB rays. However, the minute you take off your shades, your concealer is always smudged aroun ...


  • Be A Brown Goddess: 6 Ways To Prep Your Skin For Summer

    As we slowly creep towards normalcy with each jab, the desire to spend time outdoors is irresistible. I think we should change the beauty focus from drawn out ...


  • I Asked Three Guys To Try A New Skincare Routine And Here's What Happened

    Has the man in your life expressed concern about his skin? Does he use your products without telling you? Have you noticed changes in his skin that you think should be addressed? I had asked my brother and two of my guy friends to try out a new ...


  • How Herbal Essences Withstands The Test Of Time

    *Sponsored Post* Looking back on your youth, can you still see the bottles of Herbal Essences shampoo safely tucked away by the bathtub? The look of the bottle, the incredible scent, and the “snap” sound of the lid, reminding you of the beauty ...


  • These Beauty Products Are Perfect For The 50+ Brown Goddess

    One of the most underserved demos is the 50+ woman, especially when it comes to key skincare and beauty products. A sad state considering all the disposable income they have and the solid (and earned) confidence formulated from years in the trenches of life. Finally, the beauty world is waking u ...


  • Your Mom Will Totally Love You More When You Gift Her One Of These Spring Perfumes For Mother's Day

    With Mother's Day around the corner, getting the right gift for the most special woman in your life can be tough. However nothing beats the aromatic pleasures of a beautiful bouquet of spring perfumes. Check out these great gift ideas that Mama would love!  COVID has forced us to examin ...


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