3 Trusted Tweaks To Keep Your Locks Luscious This Spring

For us South Asian beauties, our locks are our personal crowns because they tend to err on the side of lustrous and dark.  However come warmer temperatures when humidity and heat are omnipresent can anything be done to maintain our manes' lustre... the answer is yes! 3 Trusted Tweaks To Keep Your Locks Luscious This Spring South Asian women are renowned for their beautiful hair, which comes in al


Show Your Mom Your True Love With These Beauty Gifts For Mother's Day

Mother's Day is just around the corner and it's time to show your mom how much you love her. From lovely scents to gorgeous makeup and luxurious skin care, these gift ideas are the perfect way to show mom how special she is.  Show Your Mom Your True Love With These Beauty Gifts For Mother's Day Perfume


Makeup Bag Must-Have: Brown Skin-Friendly Lip Shades That Look Good On Everyone

Finding the perfect lipstick shades for your specific skin tone is no easy task. From learning the difference between warm and cool undertones and seeing which hues you prefer -- your arms will be full of swatches and all the shades will start to look the same. Some brands want to make all our lives easier by offering universally flattering lip shades. From Fenty Beauty to Maybelline and MAC Cosmetics, these shades are said to work on ev


Seal That Deal: Key Beauty Looks For Your First Job Interview

Whether you are entering the job market fresh from school, or you are mid-career getting ready for your next career journey, that all-important first interview will cause the jitters but when your beauty game is on point, you are that much closer to feeling confident and closing the deal! Key Beauty Looks For Your First Job Interview Regardless of the job, whether it's an internship at a multi-nati


  • Pile It On: Channel Your Vintage Auntie With The Mega-Bun

    The modern bun is not just piling hair on top, its is about volume fastening and products!  Channel your vintage auntie with the mega-bun with these key tips right here! The Duchess of Sussex knows how to work a bun but so do our beloved aunties who somehow manage to twirl and coil metr ...


  • Spring Beauty Brilliance: Give Your Brown Hue A Boost Of Coral With These Key Tips!

    Coral is orange's little cousin but this shade is a power player all its own. Coral's inherent sensuality works well with South Asian skin tones opening up our faces and freeing us from winter.  Give your brown hue a boost of coral this spring with these tips!  Earlier this year, ...


  • Bring Some Real Roshni To Your Complexion With These Spring Beauty Tips

    Spring is coming after a long winter's night... read on to find out how to make your complexion bright! So go head, bring some real roshni to your complexion with these spring beauty tips!  As winter enters its second and final act, it becomes apparent that many South Asian beauties, my ...


  • Get Your Kaam Game On With Our 9 To 5 Guide To Key Office Beauty Essentials

    Do you lead a hectic life and have limited handbag space ... read on to find out the best products that South Asian beauties should store in their office beauty kit so they are ready to work and then play! So go ahead, get your Kaam game on with our 9 to 5 guide to key office beauty essentials! ...


  • Holi Haute: Give Your Eyes Vivid Holi Colours With These Key Beauty Tips

    Spring is slowly loosening the grip of Old Man Winter on our collective consciousness and this means that Holi is coming.  Holi, the Hindu spring festival, is renowned for its vivid use of colour, and is an excellent reference point for fresh eye looks! So go ahead, give your eyes vivid Holi co ...


  • Beauty Brands That Have Always Supported Women's Causes

    With  International Women's Day being on March 8, 2019 as part of Women's History Month, we wanted to highlight beauty companies that support women's causes all year. From educating young girls, to supporting women starting their own businesses, these companies are dedicated to enriching the li ...


  • Beauty Secrets Revealed: The Best Beauty Looks From The 2019 Oscars Red Carpet

    The buzz of Oscars weekend is still upon us, from the winners, losers, highlights, performances and, of course, the best looks. Check out our best beauty looks from the 2019 Oscars red carpet right here along with tips on what they used to get so beautiful!    ...


  • For Him And Her: Be The Best Bae With These Beauty Gifts for Valentine's Day

    Valentine's Day is just days away so now is the time to get your loved one that extra special something. Whether you're celebrating with your friends or with your bae, our gift ideas will definitely make their heart heart you more! So go ahead, be the best bae with these beauty gifts for Valenti ...


  • Make Valentine's Day Your V-Day By Celebrating Your Brown Beauty With These Bold Looks!

    Valentine's Day is oft-portrayed as a day when women in romantic relationships are  victors and single women are their hapless counterparts who are missing out on free boxes of candy.  I wholeheartedly reject these portrayals and propose that Valentine's Day should be referred to as V-day, whe ...


  • It's Time To Start Shopping: Our List Of Key Spring Beauty Items Your Brown Skin Needs Now!

    It sure doesn't look like it right now, but trust us, Spring is around the corner! Now is the  best time of the year to freshen up your beauty palette with some fabulous new finds! Check out our list of key spring beauty items your brown skin needs now!  Winter's bleakness is merciless ...


  • Broke And Woke! Priceless At-Home Beauty Treatments That Will Make You Feel Like A Million Bucks!

    Being broke in January does not preclude spa moments ... we all need to relax and this can be done with some great products and smart budget moves! Check out these priceless at-home beauty treatments that will make you feel like a million bucks!  January is rarely a joyful time of year ...


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