Beauty With A Cause: 8 Brands That Will Empower South Asian Women With Every Purchase

Kicking off our annual International Women's Day week-long special is our look at how beauty companies are adding an element of empowerment for South Asian women. Check out our beauty with a cause right here!  The first International Women's Day was celebrated in 1909 and it is said that there were at least 15,000 women who walked the streets of New York protesting for equal pay, right to vote, and shorter work hours. We are in the y


Pretty In Pink: Beauty Tips On How To Rock This Hot Hue

Pretty in pink is a beauty option for all South Asian women. The colour's inherent femininity and constant flirtation with its saucier cousin, red, inspires looks that will drive you to paint the sky pink. Check out these key tips on how to rock this hot hue!  An all out pink look might sound like a runaway train that careens toward calamine ad infinitum, but nothing could be farther from the truth.  Pink's various shades w


Oscars 2020 Best Beauty: Red Carpet Stunners That Had Us Shook

The 92nd Academy Awards, better known as the Oscars, took place this weekend bringing to an end months of anticipation for the biggest night in Hollywood. And the beauty looks did not disappoint. Check out our Oscars 2020 best beauty looks that had us shook no doubt!    Sandra Oh [caption id="attac


Scent Them Your Love With Our Fragrant Valentine's Day Gift Guide

With Valentine's Day a week away, it's time to start strategizing you gifting game. We've rounded up our fave perfumes and colognes in our Valentine's Day gift guide for him and her!  With a khusbhoo and a kiss you can't go wrong!  Valentine's Day of days past would often include teddy bears, flowers and candy for women. Rarely were men on the receiving end of such gifts on the year's most romantic day. However thankfully times have


  • Winter Beauty SOS: Key Ways To Boost Your Weathered Lips Back To Life

    The lips are the most sensual part of the face, an area which is covered by thin skin that shrivels up at the mere hint  of Arctic winds. The result is that many a pair devolve from juicy hotness in August  to crushed paneer in February since the extreme cold coupled with electrical heating ro ...


  • Ditch Your Dark Circles With These Beauty Tips

    Dark circles are the beauty bane of many a South Asian beauty, myself included. They have the power to transform a smoky eye into a black one, and belie to the world when we benefit from restful sleep. This blog explores their causes, and the strategies on how to minimize their impact on our dai ...


  • Bollywood Beauty Inspo: Get Deepika Padukone's Dramatic Look Right Here!

    With her latest film Chhapaak hitting theatres this is the right time to focus on Deepika Padukone. Her beauty is enhanced by her sharp, angular,  bone structure and her classic f ...


  • 4. Are They In Your Makeup Bag? 5 South Asian-Owned Beauty Companies You Need To Know Now!

    It's not always easy to find the right shade and hues for South Asian skin tones. Many companies get the undertones wrong, nude lipsticks are hard to find, and choosing the right shade of concealer is no easy task. The beauty companies I've listed below have been created by South Asian women, mo ...


  • ANOKHI Life Holiday Gift Guide 2019: Great Beauty Gift Ideas To Compliment Brown Skin Tones

    Ti's the season for our ANOKHI Life Holiday Gift Guide! Beauty gift-giving can give us serious case of anxiety. But no need to panic! We have a collection of fab South Asian beauty companies that bring to you great beauty gift ideas to compliment brown skin tones. So stop right here and make tha ...


  • Bollywood Beauty Inspo: Get AM & PM Beauty Looks Like Dia Mirza In 10 Minutes!

    Dia Mirza enhances her natural assets and that's why I think she's a great beauty reference for us. With the festive season in full swing, it's the perfect time to get some serious Bollywood beauty inspo with her AM & PM beauty looks. And get this, you can get it in just 10 minutes.  ...


  • Tamanna Roashan Gave Us Solid Beauty Tips From Her Latest Dress Your Face Masterclass

    Tamanna Roashan founder of Dress Your Face held her long-awaited masterclass on Canadian soil. We couldn't resist but take part, so we sent celebrity makeup artist and beauty entrepreneur Kavita Suri of Infuse Med S ...


  • Hijabi Hair Tips: 3 Ways To Keep Your Locks Luscious

    When you cover your hair all day, hair care is essential. Check out our hijabi hair tips: three ways to keep your locks luscious.  Hair care is important for everyone. However, the type of care is not usually the same across the board. It varies based on hair ...


  • Vasanti Cosmetics Relaunches Their Iconic Liquid VO2 Orange Colour Correcting Concealer

    Vasanti Cosmetics knows South Asian skin like no other. Which is why we're excited to see that they are relaunching their Liquid VO2 Orange Colour Correcting Concealer!  ...


  • Scented By South Asia: How These Designer Fragrances Take Us On A Scent-ual Voyage

    South Asia is many things, including being incredibly fragrant. Each holiday is marked with incense. The foods are teeming with spices. The desserts are a tango between rose water and sugar. The region's tropical and extreme climates bless it with flora that inspires fragrances the world over. C ...


  • Got Adult Acne? These Oils With Ayurvedic Elements Can Help!

    Adult acne doesn't need to be a returning nightmare for any South Asian beauty when Ayurveda is available to guide us ... so stop popping pimples and read on to learn how oils and Ayurveda address adult acne! Acne is the unfortunate rite of passage for many a teenager, myself included.  ...


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