5 Beauty Masks That Will Give You That Perfect Mid-Summer Glow Up

With summer, and thanks to the humidity and pollution, our pores tend to get blocked faster, looking dull and tired. However, there are a ton of lightweight beauty masks that tend to get the job right. Check out 5 beauty masks right here!  Aveeno: Positively Radiant Maxglow Peel Off Face Mask Infused with alpha hydroxy acids, soy and kiwi complex, this


Limp Locks? These No Fuss Products Will Give Your Summer Hair The Boost It Needs

Hair is a South Asian woman’s crowning glory. However every crown is tarnished once in a while. In the middle of summer, the combination of humidity, heat, sweat, and air conditioning can overthrow the mightiest of manes.  What is a South Asian queen to do?  Whether you it's super straight or super curly, these simple tips will return the lustre to your summer hair. Summer is not about arduous styling, so keep your heat styling to


Ditch The Itch With These Soothing Scalp Treatments

Suffering from dry, itchy, and irritated scalp? Especially in summer, these issues tend to get worse. Scalp care is big in beauty right now, as many are hoping to prevent and treat hair issues. And of course we were ahead of the curve when it comes to the scalp care (maalish anyone?). So here's our top picks for some seriously soothing scalp treatments.  Omorovica Revitalising Scalp Mask Omorovicza’s Revitalising


Flaunt Those Digits With These Hot Summer Nail Colours

Manicures and pedicures are a summer staple ... and for South Asian women, there are particular issues that should be addressed to optimise the rainbow of hues that are on full display for summer. Read on to discover handy tips and nail trends with these hot summer nail colours! Summer is all about colour from the lush fauna in our parks to cheerful wardrobes that decimate the lingering memories of winter.  The best way to ensure th


  • Bronzers That Are Perfect For The Brown Goddess

    What is more beautiful than brown skin? Bronze skin that is kissed with a touch of bronzer because South Asian women are meant to be touched by the sun — without the damaging UV rays of course! Check out these bronzers that are perfect for brown skin.  At first blush, it seems odd to ...


  • Happy Canada Day! Celebrate Canada With These Beauty Brands That Are 100% Canadian

    Does the Canadian beauty industry answer the clarion call of beauty needs expressed by South Asian women?  In this blog I explore six Canadian brands and the answer is mais oui. .. from sea to shining sea, there are homegrown products for you and me. Check out these beauty brands that are 100% ...


  • The Latest Summer Beauty Releases To Obsess Over

    With temps heating up, there's a whole roster of fresh and light summer beauty and skincare products lined up for you to make the switch to. There's bright colors to make your cheeks pop, light creams for that dewy glow and zest-filled scents to remind you how much we love this time of year! ...


  • Science & Beauty: You Won't Believe What These Tech Devices Can Do For Your Skin!

    Pots of creams sell beauty dreams but what about equipment? Can electronics and hand held tools help us stay ahead of Father Time so that we slow down the appearance of aging and fend off the effects of stress? The answer is yes, and then some! Check out these fabulous tech devices perfect for y ...


  • These 3 Beauty Products Will Bring Ayurveda To Your Skincare Routine

    Ayurveda, like oxygen, is everywhere in our lives, from the spices we use to soothe our ill tummies to the DIY face masques that help our skin; this science is powerful and helpful.  We all do not have access to formally trained, certified doctors (aunties aside) but this does not mean that we ...


  • Digital Beauty Tips: Shimmer & Shine Online For Your Virtual Eid Meet Up

    As Muslims buckle down for the final stretch of Ramadan, it's no doubt that COVID-19 has muted some of the joy. Because of social distancing, in-person family gatherings are out of the question. The change in circumstance shouldn't put a damper on your Eid glow up because virtual ...


  • Quarantine Beauty Trends: Check Out These 3 Retro Looks That Are Making A Comeback This Year

    While your favourite beauty place is closed during lockdown, you are probably wondering how will you keep up with the latest be ...


  • COVID-19: Fresh Facial Recipes With Ingredients From Your Fridge

    Instead of snacking, improve your beauty game by using ingredients found in your fridge to make a fresh facial.  COVID-19 has dramatically changed our lifestyle. Because of the ...


  • COVID-19: Be Vavoom For Zoom With These Camera Ready Beauty Tips For Your Next Video Call

    Working from home is no excuse to look dowdy during a virtual meeting ... it is actually your time to glow and to steal the show!  Read on to learn some camera ready beauty tips that flatters all South Asian beauties and be vavoom for Zoom for your next video conference.   Virtual mee ...


  • COVID-19: Keep Your Washed Hands Moist With These Soaps & Hand Creams

    Cleanliness is next to godliness, and hand washing is the prayer of all disciples.  As we all strengthen our hand washing game not just for ourselves — but for everyone while we get through these times of ...


  • Our List Of Spring 2020 Beauty Launches You Can't Miss

    Happy Spring! With each new trend there are hundreds, if not thousands of new products each year and we’re here for it! Just the same, with each season there are numerous beauty launches. So, without further ado, check out our list of Spring 2020 beauty launches you can't miss!  ...


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