TIFF 2019 Beauty: The 5 Fab Faces From The Red Carpet

The stars showed off their best beauty at the Toronto International Film Festival. Check out our fab 5 faces from the red carpet with our TIFF 2019 beauty breakdown.  Just like that another year of the Toronto International Film Festival (TIFF) has come and gone. Over the past couple of weeks, the city was filled with red carpets, celebrity spottings and world premieres of


Transition Perfection: Key Tips On Getting Your Skin Ready For Fall

Summer's skin legacy can be summed up with the following issues: hyperpigmentation and fine lines. The hours that we gleefully spent enjoying the outdoors were not always accompanied by vigilant skin care. Let's face it, who wants to re-apply sunscreen when you are eating a great burger on the beach?  Check out our key tips on getting your skin ready for fall (and what


About Face: Flirt With Fall Beauty With These Key Looks Perfect For Brown Skin

Fall is not so much about saying good bye to summer as it is about saying hello to moody beauty - an attitude and series of tones that are perfect for South Asian beauties! Embrace fall beauty with these key looks!  As we slowly switch off the air conditioner, and lament how the sun sets at 8:30 pm rather than 9, we prepare ourselves to bid adieu to summer.  The transition between the seasons is one fraught with wistfulness because


Chappal Chic: At Home Beauty Tips For Fabulous Feet

Whether it's for summer soirees or winter weddings, we always have a reason (and a season) to wear sandals. Whether they be strappy stilettos or fabulous flats, the need to keep our feet looking fierce is a concern year-round. This summer is all about the sexy chappal but as it draws to a close ... how do we transition our feet into fall's tender tootsies? Read on to find out some key at home beauty tips or fabulous feet!  Summer is


  • Be The Bombshell: Ignore The Aunties And Let Your Brown Hue Glow With These Self Tanners

    Looking bronze is a natural extension our natural brown beauty ... forget what your aunties are thinking, this is the perfect time to really embrace the sunkissed look. We found that these self tanners are perfectly suited to enhance what we already possess in beautiful abundance (our gorgeous b ...


  • Pondicherry Glam Meets Paris Chic: 5 Ways To Give Your Beauty Routine A French Kiss

    French girl beauty is subtle and understated as much as Bollywood beauty is dramatic and glamourous. Both types of beauty are world-renowned and we explore how French girl beauty works on South Asian women. Remember that French beauty is not limited to France, as there was a strong Fren ...


  • Gym Bag Beauty Essentials: Don't Look Like You've Been To The Gym When You've Been To The Gym

    We love a good solid workout —but do you really need to look like you the sweat session you just had? Take this opportunity to enhance your post-workout routine to include spa tricks and simple products to make your brown beauty glow! Check out our gym bag beauty essentials right here!  ...


  • Summer Styles: Give Your Hair The Bollywood Treatment With These Key Tips

    Would you like to learn some styling tips so that you have effortlessly chic celebrity hair? If your answer is yes, then read on how you can style your hair slick and straight like Kareena Kapoor Khan, easy breezy like Alia Bhatt and with gorgeous curls like Masaba Gupta. ...


  • Make Your Brown Skin Brilliant: Give Yourself That Glow With These Exfoliation Tips

    Brown skin is designed to glow, and the best way to achieve it is through a gentle summer exfoliation routine. Read on to lear ...


  • Don't Let Your Beauty Take A Backseat With These Weekend Trip Essentials

    The solstice signals the start of summer and what lies ahead are weekend road trips and their accompanying beauty challenges. Read on to find out how you can maintain your glamourous ways with the minimal tools and maximal ingenuity with these ...


  • Protect Your Brown Hue From Burning With These Sunscreens Perfect For Your Skin

    Culturally speaking, we've always been told to stay away from the sun. It's no shocker that the sun's UVA (aging) and UVB (burning) rays are harmful to our skin. Now that summer sun is around the corner, it's time to start thinking about ...


  • Mela Magic: Celebrate The Festival Season With These Beauty Tips

    Some of our happiest memories are from festivals where summer vibes fuse with creativity. From melas to music festivals and more, this is the time to celebrate your inner art ...


  • Don't Be Basic With These Breezy Beauty Looks Perfect For Brunch

    Having brunch on the terrace is an easy breezy vibe that we live for. The food, the friends and the gup shup. And you beauty should be unquestionably breezy. So forget the filters and focus on your friends with these beauty tips that will dial some brunch brilliance. ...


  • Pretty Those Peepers With Gorgeous Eye Looks For Eid

    Members of the Muslim community are reaching the finish line ... Ramadan is almost over and the Eid-ul-Fitr parties will be in full swing.  After a month of spiritual reflection and exhaustion, it's time to celebrate. Read on to learn about great eye looks that will make you glow brighter than ...


  • Channel Your Inner Princess Jasmine With Disney Aladdin Collection From M.A.C

    Summer is a time for breathless adventure and feeling like a timeless princess. To celebrate Aladdin's upcoming May 23rd release M.A.C takes us on a beautiful magic carpet ride with their new collab. We've got tips on how to incorporate Aladdin-inspired beauty into your summer looks. ...


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