How To Get Your Face From Blah To Brilliant In Just 5 Minutes

The last year and half have taught us the value of our time. And that is important when it comes to prepping ourselves for the day. In a time crunch? No worries, we’ve got tips on how to get your beauty on in just 5 minutes As we slowly trudge towards fall which signals for many a return to the brick-and-mortar office, one cannot help but wonder what is the ideal beauty look if masks are required in certain areas of the shared offic


Brittle Baal? Give Your Locks Some Summer Love With These Key Hydrating Tips

When it comes to summer, we are usually focused on moisturizing our skin. However our hair needs some solid hydration as well. Check out these key hydrating tips you need to make your baal brilliant.  Summer regenerates the soul … and degenerates the hair. Between exercise, walking in the sun and AC, our crowns’ moisture is sucked dry, and we are left with halos of straw. What is the solution? Actually, the solution is driven


This Is How To Wear Your Shades Without Smudging Your Concealer

When it comes to this season, wearing your favourite sunglasses is important. Not only do they look cool, but they also protect your eyes and the delicate skin surrounding them from the harmful UVA and UVB rays. However, the minute you take off your shades, your concealer is always smudged around the bridge of your nose. What to do? Through trial and error we have finally come up with a fool-proof way on how to look flawless when it's time to


Be A Brown Goddess: 6 Ways To Prep Your Skin For Summer

As we slowly creep towards normalcy with each jab, the desire to spend time outdoors is irresistible. I think we should change the beauty focus from drawn out self-care rituals which keep us indoors, to quick, efficient mini rituals which leave us relaxed and prepared to face the world. Be a brown goddes


  • I Asked Three Guys To Try A New Skincare Routine And Here's What Happened

    Has the man in your life expressed concern about his skin? Does he use your products without telling you? Have you noticed changes in his skin that you think should be addressed? I had asked my brother and two of my guy friends to try out a new ...


  • How Herbal Essences Withstands The Test Of Time

    *Sponsored Post* Looking back on your youth, can you still see the bottles of Herbal Essences shampoo safely tucked away by the bathtub? The look of the bottle, the incredible scent, and the “snap” sound of the lid, reminding you of the beauty ...


  • These Beauty Products Are Perfect For The 50+ Brown Goddess

    One of the most underserved demos is the 50+ woman, especially when it comes to key skincare and beauty products. A sad state considering all the disposable income they have and the solid (and earned) confidence formulated from years in the trenches of life. Finally, the beauty world is waking u ...


  • Your Mom Will Totally Love You More When You Gift Her One Of These Spring Perfumes For Mother's Day

    With Mother's Day around the corner, getting the right gift for the most special woman in your life can be tough. However nothing beats the aromatic pleasures of a beautiful bouquet of spring perfumes. Check out these great gift ideas that Mama would love!  COVID has forced us to examin ...


  • Give Your Lids Some Lux With These Eyeshadow Colours Perfect For Brown Skin

    Why chase the rainbow when you can reach it using it eyeshadow? We've got tips on how to add brightness and colour to your eyes with hues that are perfect for brown skin!  Kajal is undoubtedly the king of South Asian eye beauty looks but eyeshadow is no shrinking violet.  Eyeshadow pos ...


  • Earth Day 2021: Beautify Your World With These 10 Sustainable Beauty Products

    This Earth Day we launch our two-parter special by highlighting key beauty products which are good for the environment in their sustainable way.  Traditionally, the term 'home' represents where one lives or takes shelter whether that be a house, condo, basement, apartment etc., but what ...


  • Line Em Up: We Look To Deepika, Aishwarya & More For The Hottest Eyeliner Trends

    Eyeliners have always been part of our South Asian beauty regime. Whether it's kajal or cat eyes, it's time to finesse your eye game with some serious inspo from Bollywood and beyond!  One of the hallmarks of South Asian beauty is sultry, dark eyes that are magnetic in both classic colo ...


  • Rainbow Beauty: Keep Celebrating Holi With The Hottest Colours Of The Season

    Happy Holi! Holi’s joy and colour will be wonderful tonics after a year of abiding by COVID measures. This year, after a period of so much grey, embrace colour and work the rainbow! Check out the hottest colours this season perfect to keep the Holi celebrations going!  The key beauty ...


  • Get Rid Of Your Wrinkles By Doing These Key Tips Every Night

    This past year our skin has definitely bore the brunt of the new normal. From lockdown stress to tech neck, and over exposure to blue light (thanks to all the zoom calls), wrinkles have definitely become a mainstay. However it's not too late to activate your facial muscles and smooth out those f ...


  • L'Oréal Paris Women Of Worth Awards 2021: Mental Health Activist Simryn Atwal Tells Us Why She Needed To 'Bridge The Gap' To Connect Youth & Seniors To The Right Services

    We conclude our International Women's Day 2021 special with the final part of our two-part coverage of L'Oréal Paris Women Of Worth Awards 2021. Today, we chat with one of the two South Asian honourees, Simryn Atwal.  The ...


  • #IWD2021: L'Oréal Paris Women Of Worth Awards 2021: How Aditi Sivakumar Created A Digital Platform To Help Victims Of Gender-Based Violence During The Pandemic

    We continue to celebrate International Women's Day 2021 with our first of our 2-part coverage of L'Oréal Paris Women Of Worth Awards 2021. Today, we chat with one of the 2 South Asian honourees, Aditi Sivakumar.  The ...


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