Showbiz / Travelling Duo Sheds Much Needed Light On Issues Of Importance

Travelling Duo Sheds Much Needed Light On Issues Of Importance

Showbiz Jan 15, 2016

Capturing hidden lives through a lens and words, #DriveFor Change is shedding some serious light.

“Rest Of My Family” is an initiative started by Akshatha Shetty and Piyush Goswami. The project is starting a campaign called #DriveForChange. Shetty and Goswami will embark on a trip through India’s different regions, non-stop for a year. Their project focuses on social issues around the country, documenting ordinary people's triumphs and helping these stories reach a larger audience. This project intends to extend the required support to these people in need.

The duo has travelled across rural India for a few years documenting different cultures, social issues and challenges facing people across the country.

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Akshatha Shetty is a writer and journalist while Piyush Goswami is a filmmaker. The two were engineering students when they decided to answer their hearts' calling and give up their jobs to set out to travel with a purpose and bring change to the world. They have said that their goal is to "connect the ones who need help to the ones who can help."

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They wanted to show the world the not-so-fabulous parts of India, and their explorations brought them understanding about the lack of infrastructure, poor sanitation, education, water, electricity, female infanticide and untouchability, which are some of the issues that people in rural India face.

Hollywood superstar Ashton Kutcher has also tweeted about the initiative.

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The word has been spreading, and social media is working wonders. This pair's journey begins in the next few days, and they've already caught the attention of social organizations to help support them through their trip.

What do you think about this trip? Let us know in the comments down below!

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