Showbiz / Balle Balle This Christmas With These 8 SketchyDesi Holiday Greeting Cards

Balle Balle This Christmas With These 8 SketchyDesi Holiday Greeting Cards

Showbiz Dec 06, 2015

Celebrate Christmas with a desi spunk — that's the message SketchyDesi greeting cards is sending. From poking fun at quirky habits to celebrating the beauty of South Asian culture, these cards will bring a smile to your face.

SketchyDesi is self-described as the "home for hyphenated identities" and is based out of Manhattan. Let us take a look at some of their unique and witty cards.

1. Namaste Greeting Card 
This fuchsia-background card compliments Indian attire, greeting and beliefs. With hands clasped together, bindi on her forehead, carrying a saree, the Indian woman not only welcomes the outsider with the respectful 'Namaste' greeting, she also conveys tolerance for different beliefs outside of hers. The Christmas reindeer tags along in solidarity.
2. Jingle Bhel Greeting Card
This bright card shows the scrumptious Indian snack Bhel Puri or Bhel and makes it all the more appetizing with the pun on the popular Christmas song, "Jingle Bells". It is one creative and mouth watering party invitation for this holiday season.

3. Sikh Names Greeting Card

Add some Punjabi tadka to your Christmas this year with this playful card which adds some Sikh name suffixes to the names of Santa Claus's reindeers — Dasher, Dancer, Prancer, Vixen, Comet, Cupid, Donner, Blitzen and Rudolph.

4. Classical Dance Greeting Card
Classical dance is one of the most celebrated features of the South Asian culture. SketchyDesi illustrates the East-West fusion with vivid details including "Jingle Bells" song lyrics, classical dance moves, traditional outfits and accessories. Notice those ghungroos (musical anklets)!

5. Punctuality Greeting Card
Lack of punctuality in South Asian culture has always been the butt of jokes for its rightfully earned entertainment value. SketchyDesi ties it in with gift giving for a humorous spin. Further, Santa Claus arrives on the traditional decorated Indian elephant instead of the sleigh, creating an interesting mix and match of two societies.
6. AuntyJi Greeting Card

Who can escape the gossip and precision of scrutinizing elderly women, especially those searching for prospective brides for their sons? SketchyDesi explores this element of South Asian society through 'AuntyJi' who is shown fully focused on compiling a list of girls along with their good and bad qualities. The exaggeration is hilarious.

7. Balle Balle Greeting Card
From Indian classical dancers swaying to "Jingle Bells", this greeting card goes to show the reversal of characters and beats. Now, Santa Claus is rocking to Punjabi "Balle Balle" while enjoying an elephant ride.
8. Jai Ho Greeting Card

Continuing with the West-meets-East sentiment, Santa Claus is depicted with the popular Indian inspirational phrase Jai Ho (let the victory prevail). The range of orange hues in the backdrop blend well with the motivational message.

Share the holiday joy with your friends and family by shopping for SketchyDesi cards available at Zazzle.Happy Holidays!

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