Beauty / DIY Tips With 5 Concealers That Actually Do Cover Up!

DIY Tips With 5 Concealers That Actually Do Cover Up!

Beauty Mar 13, 2018

Finding the right coverage can be quite the challenge. We have scoured the beauty counters to find the most effective concealers that actually do cover up! 

The sources of beauty headaches of many women blessed with beautiful South Asian skin are: 1) dark circles; 2) scarring from acne; or 3) visible discolouration from chin hair or strong products such as strongly-flavoured toothpaste.

Skin care is essential to repair the damage and to diminish natural tendencies but concealer is an effective an leapfrog from okay skin to a fantastic complexion.

The face is composed of thin skin around the eyes and thicker skin in the T-zone.  The natural blue hue of the under eye has nothing in common with the soft shadow created by chin hair that is just below the surface.  The variance in skin thickness, and causes of uneven complexion, require a  variety of concealers and application techniques to ensure that your face does not look cakey and overdone.


The delicate contour always needs to be hydrated with an eye cream that suits your goal, i.e. to fight dark circles, hydrate fine lines or both.  After you hydrate, always apply a neutralizing base, i.e. corrector,  to minimize the blueness under the eyes.  Clé de peau Correcteur Visage  goes on creamy when you glide the stick from the inner to the outer corners of the eyes. It blends easily when you tap with a sponge and does not settle into lines.


Concealers That Actually Do Cover Up
Concealers That Actually Do Cover Up:  Cle de Peau Le Correcteur. Photo Credit: Shiseido Canada


It is essential to match the contour with the rest of the face, otherwise you risk having  reverse-racoon eyes.  A lightweight liquid concealer such as Nars Radiant Creamy Concealer locks it in with the tackiness of the stick corrector. This means that when you tap the doe tip along the contour and then blend by tapping the liquid into the contour using your fingers, there is neither sliding nor caking.  The corrector is the base upon which liquid adheres to , and the warmth of the fingers somewhat fuses them.

Concealers That Actually Do Cover Up: Nars Radiant Creamy Concealer
Concealers That Actually Do Cover Up: Nars Radiant Creamy Concealer. Photo Credit: Shiseido Canada

A great way to add more brightness and to lock in the coverage is to add a sheer layer of a light, brightening setting powder such as Laura Mercier Candleglow Sheer Perfecting Powder.  It feels like silk and a quick swipe locks with the liquid layer, leaving your under eye circles covered for several hours.

Concealers That Actually Do Cover Up
Concealers That Actually Do Cover Up: Laura Mercier Candleglow Sheer Perfecting Powder. Photo Credit: Shiseido Canada



Facial discolouration can be caused by acne or every day products like strongly-flavoured toothpaste.

One must remember that the skin on the cheeks and around the mouth do not resemble the paper thin contour of the eyes.  Further, the face has several different shades because the sun hits the forehead and cheekbones rather than the hollows of the cheeks.

A great option is to invest in palette such as Make Up For Ever Underpainting Color Correcting Palette.  The collections comes in several intensities and each palette has two correcting shades and two skin colour shades.

Concealers That Actually Do Cover Up
Concealers That Actually Do Cover Up: Underpainting Colour Correcting Palette. Photo Credit:


Palettes work best with clean fingers because they are thicker and the warmth of the fingers melts the concealer so that you can mix and blend.  After tapping the  corrector on the scar or discolouration, as with the under eye, it is essential that the corrector be matched with the rest of the face.

I like to tap one shade at the base of my thumb and then the other shade on top, mix the two shades in a circle and then tap on the scar.  Based on the result, I will tap more of the darker or lighter shade, until I get a perfect match.



Chin hair is thick, stubborn, and difficult to eliminate.  Worse, in between hair removal sessions, its darkness is apparent  before the actual hair protrudes. It is almost like an internal discolouration that emanates outwards. This discolouration deserves its own concealer.

Nars Soft Matte Complete Concealer is a gem that truly covers up the shadow without looking caked on.  I like to dip my finger into the pot, and then tap a small amount on the trouble spots.

Concealers That Actually Do Cover Up
Concealers That Actually Do Cover Up: Nars Soft Matte Complete Concealer. Photo Credit: Shiseido Canada


I need two layers at most, and since the finish is matte and soft, it does not look cakey. This concealer provides a natural finish and will hold you over until the first millimetre of hair emerges and is ready to be ripped from the root.

Concealer, is not just a flesh-covered thick paste that you apply indiscriminately on problem areas. It is a sophisticated category of cosmetic that requires 1) assessing your main complexion concerns and 2) carefully selecting products.  The correct products coupled with great application techniques helps you to fake perfect skin while it improves with skin care.


Meena Khan

Meena Khan


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