Beauty / DIY: Tips On How to Be Your Own Best Friend

DIY: Tips On How to Be Your Own Best Friend

Beauty Feb 07, 2018

In the world of “likes” sometimes we find it hard to relish in our solo time. Here are some tips to really make the best of your alone time and rediscover yourself in the process. It’s time to be your own best friend!  

We live in a world with 7.5 billion people, how can we feel lonely?

As the late, talented comedian and actor Robin Williams eloquently explained years before his death, “I used to think the worst thing in life is to end up all alone. It’s not. The worst thing in life is to end up with people who make you feel all alone.”

Loneliness has nothing to do with who or how many people are around us. It seems that way to the naked eye but when you’re brave (and curious) enough to look closer, you realize it stems from not getting to know the most important person in your life — yourself.

In a world with so much to do, many live in fear of doing it alone. In the South Asian culture, the importance of love, marriage and companionship is taught from a young age. Though there’s much to gain from all three, the reality is times have changed. The United Kingdom, the United States and Canada all have divorce rates over 45 per cent and the average age for marriage has increased making it more important than ever that we get comfortable with being alone.

To some, the idea of eating a meal alone is intimidating, uncomfortable and embarrassing. But how come not everyone feels this way? Why is it that some people radiate joy when sitting at a café, sipping a coffee while some would rather go hungry instead of eating alone?

Be Your Own Best Friend
Be Your Own Best Friend: Make peace with walking your own path. Photo Credit:

It’s because those people at one point, took the first step in doing something alone. They have learnt through the practice of being alone, that solitude can be uplifting. Being alone is a form of self-love and they understand the importance of enjoying their own company.

The best journeys start with a single step. The path of solitude can be a hard one but we’re here to help make it easier. Read on for suggestions on how to ease into doing things alone and work towards being your own best friend.

1)  Visit a museum. You get to appreciate art which can be so consuming that you forget you’re alone. If going alone feels like a big enough step, join a tour when you get there (or pick up an audio pack); when you’re learning, you’re less likely to feel lonely.


Be Your Own Best Friend
Be Your Own Best Friend: Can you believe it’s Lego? The Art of the Brick exhibit is too amazing to feel lonely at. Photo Credit: Rachna Sethi

2)  Go to the movies. Logically, it’s an activity that can easily be done alone but that doesn’t make the first time easy. Used to going with friends, we feel sympathy towards solo seat dwellers. Now we understand those people were/are geniuses; they see the movie they want, when they want and they don’t have to share their popcorn.

Be Your Own Best Friend
Be Your Own Best Friend; Forget having to find the perfect film for you and your friend. Find what you want to see and take in the cinematic joy all by yourself! Photo Credit: TimeOut

3) Take a walk. It’s simple, free and healthy. If you feel lost walking without a set destination, play a game with yourself; commit to finding a new coffee spot (do a take-away if you’re not ready to sit) or take a route you haven’t walked before. Source a hiking trail or garden in your area; there may not be WIFI but nature will leave you feeling connected.

Be Your Own Best Friend
Be Your Own Best Friend: Really notice the beauty of nature. Photo Credit: Rachna Sethi

4)  Enjoy a spa session. Indulge in a massage and soak up some solo time in a sauna or swimming pool. On a budget? Sites like Groupon are a great way to find a sweet deal. Still too costly? Turn off your phone, pick up a face mask, play soulful music and pamper yourself with a mini spa session at home.

Be Your Own Best Friend
Be Your Own Best Friend: Spa sessions are the perfect time to connect with yourself. Photo Credit:

Whatever you do, remember to be gentle with yourself. Like any relationship, the one with yourself will take time to build. Walking the path of embracing solitude will be both smooth and rocky, full of frustrations and joys. The key is to remember that once you put the effort into making friends with yourself, you’ll never truly feel alone.


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