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Culture & Lifestyle Aug 23, 2013

As life gets busy and we grow as empowered women in our day to day lives, we sometimes forget how important our girlfriends have been to us and what value they hold still. Popular iconic TV Shows such as Sex and the City and Girlfriends highlight the intimacy and joy women provide each other through friendship. 

She's the one you go to when you are down in the dumps and when you are high on cloud nine. The one person that knows all your sorrows and quirky sayings. She is your friend, counsellor, therapist and YES also your sex -advisor.

From secrets to your taste in men, books and music. She reads you like an open book and also shoulders your sorrow and is always a text or a phone call away. Your confidant, saviour and truth -teller. 

For a woman, a great girlfriend can make the difference between having the will to live or simply giving up on life when the going gets tough. 

So what makes a great girlfriend? Here are the top 5 signs that the women in your life is your bestie forever.

1. She is your go-to person 

Now this is a really important one and is very telling of the role and intentions your girlfriend has in your life. There are friends that simply enjoy being there for you during the great times and are the individuals you go to during the bad times. 

The rest are simply 'acquaintances'. There are also individuals that thrive on only being there during the bad times but can’t seem to be by your side during the joyous times. 

They simply are unable to be truly happy for you and feel better about themselves when they are helping you during times of trouble. This kind of friendship is a red flag and it is best to filter these relationships out of your life. For the longevity of your happiness, nurture friendships that show commitment and are present in your life during the good times and bad times, your sounding board of truth.

2. You are more to her than her ego

This is especially true during times of conflict when you both may not see things eye to eye. When a rift has occurred, a true girlfriend has the patience, willingness and understanding to talk through a misunderstanding. 

The need to be right, also known as protecting the ego, ends up being far less important than preserving the friendship. In a loving and lasting relationship, the ego never trumps the real connection between two girlfriends.

3. She pushes you towards your goals

Friends are easy to spot because they are enjoyable to be around and ignite your spirit in ways that others simply cannot. Your true girlfriend understands your dreams and is supportive of them simply because she wants you to be happy.  

She will not  force you in a specific direction that only seems right to her but will share perspectives and enable you to make the choices that make sense to your life path. Most importantly, a true girlfriend accepts who you are and where you want to grow in life and can be a positive source of encouragement in your life.

4. She defines loyalty and faith

How many times have you seen your girlfriend become friends with another friend of yours and a part of you cringes as you may actually have to 'let go' and trust that your girlfriend will still remember the closeness you both share?  Well this is a difficult one for most but you will have to trust the history and love shared between your and let it be.

A true girlfriend will honour her friendship with you. 

5. Time and distance are for others

Growing up and experiencing life can naturally create time and distance from your girlfriend. 

This is when the true test of your friendship has a way of showing itself.  How many times have you connected with an old girlfriend like time has never passed or re-connected on the phone like the distance never mattered?  Well when it feels like you were never apart, pay attention to that feeling and keep a close eye to those friends….they are the ones that can last not only the test of time and distance, they have the potential to last a lifetime.

Share your stories with us and what do you think is a sign of a bestie? 

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