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Top 10 Innovative Grocery Products

Culture & Lifestyle Oct 03, 2013

The Canadian Federation of Independent Grocers announced the 'Top 10 Most Innovative Products' from Grocery Innovations Canada, its annual grocery conference and trade show. The innovative products range in everything from happy water to windshield washer fluid.

Canadian grocers and industry delegates voted on the hundreds of new innovative products that were showcased for the year ahead, testing them out for review.

“Every year we blown away by the quality of product that makes it out to the show and this year was no exception,” said Tom Barlow, President and CEO of the Canadian Federation of Independent Grocers. “From customizable frosting to shopping bags to windshield washing fluids, the areas of innovation are endless.”

Products were evaluated based on three criteria: most unique, most buzzworthy and best consumer response. Here are the top ten (not in particular order):

Astro Kik drinkable yogurt:

This gelatin-free yogurt drink provides energy for growing, active kids.

Happy Water:

This Canadian water is a blend of pure natural spring water and lithia waters. Happy Water brings BC’s world-renowned, naturally sourced lithia water to all Canadians; providing consumers with an opportunity to buy local, live happy, and support a sustainable Canadian brand.

Blu-Dot Protein Tea:

You won’t find GMOs, artificial ingredients, or gluten in this protein tea, only natural ingredients like New Zealand whey protein and prebiotic dietary fiber. No gimmicks, no artificial flavours or sweeteners, like sucralose – just simple great tasting beverages that aren’t loaded with sugar.

Duncan Hines Frosting Creations:

A frosting starter base that is ready to flavour and easy to stir. Available in 16 different flavours including caramel, white chocolate raspberry, and bubblegum.

Duhaime Deluxe:

A selection of gourmet spreads sweetened only with organic sugar and pure maple syrup, these all-natural fruit-based chutneys will get your taste buds tingling! Serve these sweet and savory spreads on warmed cheese with farmhouse bread and top with Italian parsley and walnuts.

Kienna Coffee Roasters:

The KiennaCUP adapter for Keurig Brewers allows consumers to continue using their current k-cup style coffee brewer while benefiting from lower cost and less waste. The coffee pods are 100 per cent biodegradable and the reusable KienneCUP is manufactured in Canada and BPA free.

Bao Smoothies with Baobab Superfruit:

100 per cent organic wildcrafted, the Baobad fruit pulp in Bao smoothies is not pasteurized, heat-extracted, freeze-dried or concentrated. This ensures uncompromised nutrient synergy for that sustained natural energy release.

Aliments MSU Foods – Jet X Pert:

Hailing all the way from Romania, this windshield washer fluid can handle up to -45C weather and comes in a collapsible and recyclable bag.

N’Take – shopping bags:

Responsibly manufactured and more durable than competing products, N’Take reusable bags look great after five years of use and can be customized to suit your branding needs.

Gay Lea – Spreadables Cinnamon & Brown Sugar:

A perfect blend of cinnamon, brown sugar and real Gay Lea butter that spreads right out of the fridge.


Which products from the above list are you likely to try and why? 

The 2013 edition of Grocery Innovations Canada took place September 30 and October 1 at the Metro Toronto Convention Centre in downtown Toronto. The annual trade show is presented by CFIG and featured booths from local, national and international brands including Kraft, General Mills and Nestlé. Hundreds of independent, franchised and specialty grocers from across Canada attended the event.
The Canadian Federation of Independent Grocers (CFIG) is a non-profit trade association founded in 1962, which continues to be a collaborative community, equipping and enabling independent, franchised and specialty grocers for sustainable success.

Representing over 4,000 grocery retailers from every part of Canada, CFIG is a strong and united voice for independent grocers, providing programs for operational excellence, facilitating educational and training programs and fostering enabling-relationships among retailers and suppliers. CFIG is a respected organization that speaks confidently for its retail members to industry, government, and the consumer. 

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