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Padma Lakshmi Honoured By Self Magazine

Culture & Lifestyle Sep 21, 2013

Padma Lakshmi, Emmy Award winning host of Bravo’s TV’s Top Chef and co-founder of the Endometriosis Foundation of America (EFA)  along with Dr. Tamer Sekin, were both honoured on Sept. 11, at New York City’s Apella by SELF Magazine’s 2013 Women Doing Good Award. Hosted by Hoda Kotb, this event also recognized the efforts and contributions of Jessica Greer Morris, Shakira, Scandal’s Katie Lowes, Marla Smith-Nilson, and Susan Burke.
Women who have dedicated their lives to improving others both globally and nationally are recognized annually by SELF. The candidates are nominated by the readers followed by SELF selecting six women.
Padma Lakshmi who has suffered with endometriosis since her preteens was not diagnosed till she was 36. She said, “This award is truly an honour. I accept it on behalf of all the women suffering with endometriosis and tell them that this is just the beginning.  Together, we will educate young women around the world so that they can be proactive in their own healthcare and get diagnosis and treatment earlier for this debilitating disease. “She continues, “, "If I'd been sensitized to this illness when I first had symptoms, I could've done something earlier."

The goal of Endometriosis Foundation of America (EFA) is to spread awareness, increase disease recognition and engage in a powerful campaign with both the public and the medical community. The foundation advocates for the critical importance for early diagnosis and effective intervention while also striving to educate medical professionals and their patients.

Presenters Monique Coleman and Gail Simmons and honorees, Padma Lakshmi and Katie Lowes./

The Executive Director of the EFA, Mady Schuman states that Padma is an inspiration to all women, “Her passion and commitment are unsurpassed. Since founding the EFA in 2009, Padma has tirelessly campaigned throughout the world to fund research and raise awareness about endometriosis so that women will be diagnosed and treated earlier."

This fall, Padma Lakshmi will be working with EFA to center their attention on spreading awareness about endometriosis to young women in high schools and colleges across the nation. EFA’s High School Outreach Program will also be hosting the 3rd Annual Nurse Conference: “Get the Word Out” on October 26th in New York City, which will be lead by Lakshmi.

Furthermore, she is also promoting the survey online. This survey is Phase 1 of the Teen Health Awareness Campaign. This campaign is focused on reducing adolescent obesity and educating students about the health consequences of short and long-term alcohol and substance abuse while also raising awareness among young women and health professionals about endometriosis.
Join the EFA ( and support Lakshmi in spreading awareness. For more information contact the EFA at 212-998-4160.

Source: Jeanne Rebillard/Endometriosis Foundation of America (EFA) and
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