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Back To School: Dorm Essentials!

Culture & Lifestyle Aug 08, 2013

It is close to the end of the summer and its already time to start getting ready for school! We bring you the 'Back To School: Dorm essentials'. 

Getting ready for school requires a lot of organization, preparation, and planning for a smooth year ahead. Jump-start to a great academic year with useful products found at your local Canadian Tire location.


The most economical and healthy way to have lunch is to prepare and preserve it in the right containers. You can purchase a new lunch bag, which you can use to keep fresh snacks and healthy fruits to sustain your self throughout the day! Having a lunch bag will also prevent kids from developing practices that are not environmentally healthy and will teach kids about the environment!


Operation Organize
Teach your child about organization as he or she is learning life’s most valuable skill to see your child become successful in their adulthood!

You can perhaps assign your child a cubby at the main entryway of your home or use hooks and floating shelves for keys and light jackets and other items that seem to block the hallway to the house. You can use clear storage bins that you can store in your room or under the bed! You can use these bins to store your sweaters, winter and summer clothes, baseball mitts, or books to make your life easier!


Book It!
You can encourage your kids to get their homework done by creating an amazing study space, which can also be their sanctuary and a perfect place for them to gain knowledge and become ace students in their coursework!

Help them get better organized and instilling good habits by purchasing mini chests, desk lamps, and magnetic calendars to encourage your children to become better students and develop habits that will help them not just academically but also develop strong lifelong skills to ease their lives! 

      Get going in the mornings

Whether your kids are in the school or you are a college student, mornings are not mornings without a caffeine kick to jump start your day with a heaping cup of coffee or a steaming brewed cup of tea to wake up your senses! Buy a new travel mug or an auto back-seat car organizer to store all your goodies to start your day!


Forget Takeout!
Cooking at home or in your dorms is the best way to not just healthy but also eat healthy! You can blend a smoothie for breakfast before hitting the gym or get ready for late night study sessions or early morning classes with caffeine!
Your New Home
Make your dorm room or your apartment your new home by personalizing it and adding touches like barstools, mirrors, or lighting that add not just style but also function to the new space that will be your home for the next two semesters (or more!) Use your creativity to add touches that will give you the sense that you never left your home and the new dorm/apartment was always your home!

Safe and Sound

For safety on the road for the commuters who have to drive to their new and unfamiliar universities, purchase a GPS and a safety kit that will ensure a safe commute between your apartment, college, and other destinations! Make sure each apartment/dorm is equipped with a smoke alarm, whether you have a say to change the smoke alarm or it’s the choice of your landlord!


Cleanliness goes a long way!
Make sure your apartment and dorm is a neat and tidy environment because it encourages a perfect environment not just to study and persevere academically but also because it creates a great social environment, which you can use to host your new friends in the year!

Use cleaning products that are environmentally green and a small lightweight vacuum that is handy and easy to store! Keep a tool set handy (just in case) whether it is you, your relatives, family, or significant other to become handy around your dorm or apartment to make your year a great academic year!  

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