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Work-Life Balance For New Moms Post Baby

Culture & Lifestyle Sep 24, 2013

Anxiety and guilt are some of the key emotions felt by new mothers when they think of making the decision to go back to work.

Just as you get used to staying at home after securing a routine with a new born, you realize your maternity leave is over. The thought of waking up at 6 a.m. and racing off to a job after being up all night with a crying baby seems impossible. And then there's the guilt: How can you spend so much time away from your infant?

No matter how long and hard you've thought about your decision to return to work and how sure you are that it's the right choice, you need to be prepared for the mixed emotions that inevitably will emerge.

Here are six simple ways to create a work-life balance post baby:

Trust your help 

Accept the fact that it takes more than you to take care of your child. It is important for you to recognize that your child is safe and taken care of in the arms of the caregiver.  

Building a community around your child will make you feel more secure when ups and downs of life occur. Call the grandparents and ask them how they feel about their grandkids sleeping over once in a while or ask a girlfriend to babysit for you. 

Try it and work through the attachment issues because the outcomes of this are truly worth a healthier and more balanced life.

Be Transparent in your Work Place

Allow your colleagues and your boss to get a glimpse of your reality. It is better to be in a healthy mental and physical state than to be perfect at work. What does 'perfect' look like anyway? 

Be in the right spirits while working. Accept that you may have to 'fake it ’til you make it.' Have ready a short positive answer to “How are you?” along the lines of “It’s good to be back.”

Work it out as a team and learn from other working mothers in your office space. This kind of support can help you achieve more peace and happiness in life and your workplace.  

Get into a Routine

Remember those things you always wanted to do. Learn to skate or take an exotic trip to Africa in five years. Sign up for skating lessons and start saving money for a family trip. You are finding a way to include your children in your life while giving you both the chance to feel happy and fulfilled. When children see their mother happy, they learn what happiness truly is and that is the best lesson you can teach them in life.

Do Not Compare

Stop comparing yourself to mothers around you. Only you can be the best mother for your children and while other mothers might seem perfect, everyone struggles to balance life. 

The key idea here is to keep things simple and communicate when the routines and expectations are not working for you. It is critical to communicate with the key players in the family such as the father of your kids, your parents and in-laws.

A routine for the caring of the children should aim for consistency and should work for everyone involved including you.

Guilty as charged?

Do not activate the 'Guilty Mom Complex' and question whether you should be with the kids when you are at work. Take a deep breath and remember that more than half of all new moms go back to work when their infants are younger than one year old.

Think about the added benefits to your children with your income and the fulfillment you are achieving by balancing career and personal life. You have to trust that you are where you are supposed to be.

Take Care of Yourself

As women, there is often a natural sense to take care of everyone around you and neglect yourself. Find 30 minutes to 60 minutes every day for yourself whether it is exercising, a bath, and even chatting with a friend. Plan your life so you are a priority because you can only give your best to your children if you are energized and fulfilled yourself.

Share this blog with other working mothers you know in your community and don't forget to take a moment to share your thoughts in the comment box below.

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