Showbiz / Conceptual Artist Creates A Harnaam Kaur Barbie Doll

Conceptual Artist Creates A Harnaam Kaur Barbie Doll

Showbiz May 29, 2016

Conceptual artist Annelies Hofmeyr has created a Barbie doll for bearded model Harnaam Kaur through her photo series "Trophy Wife Barbie." 

Subverting Barbie doll norms sparks important commentary on inclusivity and beauty standards, and Trophy Wife Barbie is no excepion. Hofmeyr problematizes the scrutiny women face based on their appearance and behavior.

Photo Credit: Trophy Wife Facebook 

Speaking with Buzzfeed India, Hofmeyr explained how the project came about. She said, "Trophy Wife Barbie started on the day of her divorce and documents her journey of self-discovery. She has been judged by her appearance and now that her situation has changed (and she’s no longer a wife) she needs to find her identity outside of her label.”

Ahead of the Harnaam-inspired doll, Hofmeyr looked at the model's work with the #effyourbeautystandards campaign and saw that Kaur would be a role model perfect to represent in her series.

"Trophy Wife Barbie challenges a variety of labels and taboos, from periods and breastfeeding in public to body hair and gender issues. Harnaam Kaur embodies the strength that comes from owning a label you didn’t choose and making it work for her and others,” said Hofmeyr to Buzzfeed India. 

This doll comes as another high point for Harnaam Kaur, who's had a stellar year — walking the runway at Royal Fashion Day London and continuing to spread her message of acceptance and body positivity.

It's always important to strive for diversity and inclusivity, and a Harnaam Kaur Barbie is just one step toward that goal. 

Here's hoping Mattel builds on its promise to represent the diversity of all women!

Main Image Photo Credit: Trophy Wife Facebook 

Rumnique Nannar

Rumnique Nannar


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