Showbiz / 7 Men’s Fashion Trends That Should Never Make A Comeback

7 Men’s Fashion Trends That Should Never Make A Comeback

Showbiz Jun 01, 2016

While the '00s may or may not have been a "hip and happening" era, certain trends from that time never need to make a comeback.

From denim on denim to unlimited sportswear and rose-tinted glasses, 'NSYNC and the Backstreet Boys definitely had a hand in some fashion choices that will haunt us forever.

Here are seven (of many) men's fashion trends from an era we hope will never return.

1. Barbed Wire Tattoos

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Not sure why this was every the "in" thing to do, but there are quite a few people out there who regret ever hopping on the bandwagon!

2. Baggy Jeans

Baggy jeans were typically paired with Timberland boots and denim jackets. Why did anyone think this look was okay? Nobody knows!

3. Bowl Haircuts

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This look was and is pretty uncomfortable. Whether it was a forced haircut by your South Asian parents or a personal choice, it should never happen again.

4. Chain Wallets

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This trend was usually rocked by skater boys, but you might have seen it occasionally hanging off some baggy jeans as well. While it could have saved you from pickpocketing, there was no reason for this ever to be considered stylish.

5. Cargo Pants and Shorts

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Not exactly a comeback, this is one trend that's managed to withstand the test of time. People are still rocking the cargo pants and shorts like they'll never go out of style. We've all owned a pair of these, acceptable or not!


6. Frosted Tips

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Most every male celeb had frosted tips in the '00s, and Justin Timberlake rocked the crap out of this trend. Frosting your tips wasn't limited to a specific race — even brown guys were guilty of trying to make this look happen. 

7. Visors

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Basically a baseball hat with the top sliced off, contrary to belief, this trend wasn't worn as sun protection. This is definitely one look that should never see the light of day again!

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