Showbiz / Fake Pics Of Rani Mukherji’s Baby Break The Internet

Fake Pics Of Rani Mukherji’s Baby Break The Internet

Showbiz Jul 12, 2016

Photos of Rani Mukerji's baby go viral, but guess what? The pictures are FAKE!

We all rejoiced when Bollywood actress Rani Mukerji and director Aditya Chopra announced that they were getting married. Then we celebrated some more when we found out they had a baby girl. And then we celebrated once more only to be disappointed, finding out that what we thought were leaked photos of their baby girl, Adira, were actually fake photographs. What a buzz kill!

Rani Mukerji, Aditya Chopra and a fake photo of their baby girl.
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The viral photos were sent via an Instagram account, @iamranimukerji which turned out to be a fake Instagram account. But nonethless, for a brief moment the internet believed that the account was real and photos of the baby were real too. The news was confirmed via an official statement released by Yash Raj Films.

"This is to inform you that Rani Mukerji is not on any social media platform and has never been. There are several fake accounts that keep cropping up we would like to request you to not pay any heed to them or the content they put up as it is all fake."

So this just begs us to look at a few other "fake" moments that captured the imagination and wonder of millions, albeit only for a short while.

1. A Fake Last Moment

Apparent photo of last moment before 9/11 attacks.
Photo Credit: Wikipedia Commons

Soon after the 9/11 terrorist attacks, a photo circulated via email all across the world claiming to be the very last photograph taken before the planes crashed into the Twin Towers in New York City. Turns out, the photo was fake, and billions of people were fooled. The photo even made it to breaking newscasts around the world.

2. Indian TV Actress Nude

Still of Mona Singh from leaked nude video.
Photo Credit:

Popular Indian TV actress Mona Singh faced a lot of humiliation when a video circulated around the internet showing her trotting around her house naked for the amusement of her boyfriend. The actress famously known for playing the demure good girl who upholds her Indian values quickly fired back and claimed that the video was fake and it was not her.

3. Size Zero Waist For Kareena?

(L) Kareena Kapoor Khan on poster of Heroine versus (R) on set still of Kareena.

Photo Credit: UTV Motion Pictures / Wikipedia

When Madhur Bhandarkar's Heroine film poster hit the net, Bollywood fans around the world cried out with allegations that Kareena Kapoor was highly photoshopped. Fans accused UTV Motion Pictures of distributing a fake photograph of Kareena only to make her appear to adhere to beauty ideals. On-set stills of Kareena quickly circulated afterward only proving what Bollywood fans suspected all along.

4. Pits of Priyanka

July 2016 Cover of Maxim India Magazine.
Photo Credit: Maxim India

The internet went ABLAZE when Maxim India released its current issue with cover girl Priyanka Chopra. What did people pay attention to? Priyanka's photoshopped arm pit. Tweeters, Facebookers and Instagrammers accused the magazine of making such a poor choice in choosing to highly edit something that should appear natural on a woman. 

5. Prize Winning Fake Photo

Prize Winning Photo in NIkon Competition

Photo Credit:

This photo won a prize in a Nikon Singapore contest called "Look Up". Little did the judges know that this was a fake photograph doctored up to be a prize winning submission. Nikon's Facebook followers were the ones to point out the photo's flaws and proved it to be fake. This time the internet laughed!

Featured Image Credit: Yash Raj Films

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