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4 Female Olympians Going Down In History

Showbiz Aug 10, 2016

The road to equality for women at the Olympic Games has been a long one.

Many milestones have been reached and the journey continues.

In the early years of the modern Olympics, women were not well represented and only participated for the first time at the 1900 Paris Games.

1900 Olympic Games in Paris, female athletes make their first appearance
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The first time women's athletics and gymnastics debuted were at the 1928 Olympics.

1928 Olympic Games in Amsterdam, Team USA's top female Olympians
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In 2012, women's boxing was introduced, which left no remaining sports that did not include events for women.

2012 London Olympics, boxing is introduced
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Now more than ever, women are making a mark in Olympic history by breaking stereotypes, achieving goals beyond the medals, and serving as role models for many communities.

Check out the 4 female Olympians who have made a mark so far at the 2016 Rio Olympics:

1. Ibtihaj Muhammad

Muhammad has embraced her role as an ambassador for Muslim-American women
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Muslim fencer Muhammad made history in Rio by becoming the first US athlete to wear a hijab during the Olympics. 

2. Yusra Mardini

Syrian swimmer, member of the Refugee Olympics Athlete Team
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Mardini had swam for three hours to save 20 refugee lives, now she's competing in the Olympics and has worldwide support.

3. Dipa Karmakar

Karmakar is India's lone gymnast
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Karmakar was the first Indian woman to qualify for the Rio Olympics 2016 gymnastics, and became the first Indian to enter apparatus finals.

4. Oksana Chusovitina

41-year-old gymnast
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Chusovitina is defying the odds of age in her 7th Olympic Games. Competing against women half her age, she's the oldest athlete in the gymnastics competition.

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