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Celebrating International Day of Happiness

Culture & Lifestyle Mar 20, 2014


Thursday, March 20 marks the beginning of spring and the 2nd Annual International Day of Happiness. In honor of the day, the United Nations Foundation and Grammy Award-winning musician Pharrell Williams have teamed for up for a campaign that has been pionerred on Pharrell's new website: 24 Hours of Happiness. Here visitors can share their own ‘happy’ moments via YouTube videos. The aim is to spread the message of joy and encourage fans to donate to the UN's Central Emergency Response Fund. The Singer will be selecting his favorite submissions throughout the day and a new video will be posted every hour with his ‘Happy’ track playing in the background

UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon earlier stated, “The pursuit of happiness lies at the core of human endeavors. People around the world aspire to lead happy and fulfilling lives free from fear and want.”


The initiative to declare a day of happiness came from Bhutan – a country whose citizens are considered to be some of the happiest people in the world. The Himalayan Kingdom has championed an alternative measure of national and societal prosperity, called the Gross National Happiness Index (GNH). The GNH rejects the sole use of economic and material wealth as an indicator of development, and instead adopts a more holistic outlook, where spiritual well being of citizens and communities is given as much importance as their material well-being.

Here is one of the videos posted from the Philippines that shows the power of positivity and a happy human spirit:

Video Courtesy of Quentin Musset 

To donate to the cause, click:

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Happy International Day Of Happiness Friends!