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Tips To Express Your Love On Mother’s Day

Culture & Lifestyle Apr 22, 2014

Get inspired to show mom how much you care.

Mothers are those that naturally give of themselves for their children. No matter what may be going on around her, a mother protects her young, laughs when her kids laugh and aches when her kids are in pain. 

In our South Asian culture, whether we call her Maji, Mai, Amma or Mom, we've seen our mothers stress as they learn to live and work outside their homeland, all the while trying to provide the best options for their children’s futures. She taught us how to read, cooked for us, pressed our clothes and gave us hugs when we needed it the most. 

I'll never forget the trials I saw my mom battle to ensure that I lived the happiest life possible. She is the trail blazer, the core strength in the family, and also the humble follower when that was required.

What an impact these beautiful beings have in our lives and on our personal journeys. As we approach Mother’s Day, I can't help but highlight the different ways we can appreciate our mothers. Here are four easy ideas to show your mother how much you care.

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1. Call Her And Say I Love You

I don’t think you can ever say too much of this to any woman! And a child (no matter what age) always has the power to uplift mom’s heart with an “I love you”.  If she lives far away, call her. If she is near, go for a bear hug and kisses.

2. Show Words of Appreciation

If you've ever read the The 5 Love Languages by Gary Chapman, you know that ‘Words of Appreciation’ is a key way many people feel loved. Make a list of five things that your mother has done during your lifetime and that she should be recognized for, and put it in a card or a letter so she can keep it with her. These sorts of notes are a mother’s treasure and her “go-to place” when she has her low moments.

3. Spend Time with Her

Quality time with mom ensures that the two of you connect on a deeper level. Like most people that are closest to us, we tend to take Mom for granted and she is usually the last on the priority list; but, you need to show her that she is still a top priority in your heart. 

Book a date with your mother and connect with her on a more meaningful level. Consider sharing an intimate part of your life and make the most of your one-on-one time with Mom. Experiences like these will forever be etched in both your memories.

4. Give A Gift Out of Love

The 5 Love Languages also notes that many individuals do feel loved by receiving gifts and there are a number of gifts that show your mom how much you love her.

Treat her with clothes from her favourite store (ensure you enclose a gift receipt), buy a spa gift certificate so she can be pampered for a day, or pair chocolates with perfume, so she can indulge at home.

As children grow older, many mothers go back to their childhood interests or explore new ones such as arts and crafts, pottery, yoga and much more. If you have a few moments, ask her friends what she has been up to lately. 

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Yvonne Sinniah

Yvonne Sinniah


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