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Choosing The Right Bulbs For Spring

Culture & Lifestyle Mar 21, 2014

The first day of spring has already hit, do you have your garden ready?

While local nurseries have starting loading up for the season it's best to start visiting them to order your seeds for spring gardening. Just remember to make sure that the ground is thawed before removing any winter protection. Always check the weather because sudden cold snaps might ruin your garden even before the first seed germinates. There are a lot of bulbs which thrive even in a nippy environment but are still considered spring-summer plants. Here are a few outlined below:


Winter Aconite: As soon as the snow melts, its time to let the Winter Aconite bloom. Since it's a plant that is frost tolerant, it's the best choice to start up your gardening season with. Though this beautiful flower dies as soon as it gets too warm, it still is one of the first choices of many gardeners.

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Pansy: A cover of dry winter mulch is recommended for cheery colourful Pansies. Usually Pansies bloom best under the sun and in well drained soil. It is pertinent to use plant food for flowers such as Pansies which are under constant threat by pests and diseases.


Hellebore: The harbinger of spring, Hellebore grows in the shade and is perennial. Mostly evergreen, these colourful flowers are a must-have in any landscape. 

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Dahlia: Blooming in variety of colours, Dahlias thrive in sunny environment. Since these beautiful flowers take some time to bloom, some gardeners plant them indoors even before the season starts. Though if it gets too hot and humid the tubers might rot.

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Lily: The enchanting scent of Lily sets in as soon as spring embarks. With ample sunshine and right amount of water, Lilies spread fragrance in the garden.

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Tomatoes: Tomatoes require organic matter for a good growth. It is a good idea to start indoor growth a few weeks before planting it outside once the last frost date is announced. After planting, tomatoes reqire a lot of water in the first few days.

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Carrot: One of the most common myths surrounding the carrot is that for it to be considered 'good' it should be orange in colour. In fact, carrots vary in colours from purple to white. To get a good produce, the soil needs to be free from stones and should be deeply tilled. Being a root vegetable, carrot needs enough space to grow inside. 

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Bell Peppers:  Being sensitive to heat, peppers require enough watering if it gets too warm, preferably everyday. The longer they stay on the plant, the more Vitamin C enriched they become. It is better to start seeds indoor 8-10 weeks before last frost date. 


Broccoli:  Broccoli needs enough moisture to grow. Start planting seeds three weeks before and then transplant them in slightly deeper tilled soil in your garden. For best results, harvest it in the morning before the soil warms up.

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Potato: A whole potato or a small potato is all you need to start your own potato plantation in your backyard. Since potatoes need enough moisture to grow, watering them when tubers starts to form is a good idea. 



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