Culture & Lifestyle / Ashid Bahl’s ‘For The Love Of Children’ To Premiere In Toronto

Ashid Bahl’s ‘For The Love Of Children’ To Premiere In Toronto

Culture & Lifestyle Mar 23, 2014

One person can make a difference to bring peace and stability in the world. 

Humanitarian, writer, poet and artist, Ashid Bahl, captures 33 years of his vibrant philanthropy.
Bahl is the President and Founder of ‘For The Love of Children Society of Canada’ (FTLOCS).  A charity aid organization that has taken Bahl and his team to the front-lines of over a dozen war-torn and devastated countries, including Lebanon, Sudan, Afghanistan, Haiti, Colombia, Peru, Sri Lanka, India, Kenya, Honduras, Philippines and Japan.
The film, aptly named 'For The Love of Children' is about his life journey to help the less fortunate around the world. Bahl is the courageous, passionate and dynamic subject and director of the new documentary.


Calgary-based filmmaker and founder of Be Enlightened media, James A Sinclair  who is also the producer of the film, has been working to capture Bahl’s spirit and dynamism in his work with FTLOCS, returning to communities that were fortunate to have benefited from his aid and unearthing stories of prosperity, where once was despair.
The film follows the journey his courageousness as he overcomes numerous challenges building schools, orphanages, creating sustainable living conditions for communities. Delivering much needed care to children all over the world, he has become an inspiration to others to do the same by selfless service, love and compassion.
Bahl has been working tirelessly to gather millions of dollars of aid in supplies, support and manpower. To build stable orphanages, schools, provide medicine and healing methods that would otherwise be unavailable due to an on-going financial struggle that FTLOCS experienced in its initial years.
Prime Minister Stephen Harper, His Holiness the Dalai Lama and Angelina Jolie are amongst the people who have recognized his efforts to help less fortunate children around the world. Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II has recognized him, three times for his work with FTLOCS. 10, 500 children are in the care of the FTLOCS and as of this year, 76 schools and orphanages have been built or supported by the organization. It is estimated the FTLOCS has helped over 100,000 children in Canada and abroad. 

“Life is not about us, life is about making life happen for someone else who is less fortunate…in that, is the true significance of living.” – Ashid Bahl

Alongside David Lynch’s latest film 'Meditation-Creativity-Peace', For The Love of Children was selected to premiere at the 2013 Monaco International Film Festival, taking place December 6-9, 2013.

The Toronto Premiere of Ashid Bahl's film will take place at Scotiabank Cineplex Theatre, Toronto on Wednesday April 23.
Admission cost: $30.00
All proceeds benefit the victims of Typhoon Haiyan in the Philippines.
Contact [email protected] to reserve tix.

press release & Image courtesy of  FTLOCS


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