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Eco Friendly Brands Paving The Way For A Greener Earth

Culture & Lifestyle Apr 22, 2014

April 22 also known as 'Earth Day' marks the annual celebration of Mother Earth and the largest fight against carbon emissions and climate change.

Every year on this day a global movement takes place where communities across the world take a stand by doing their part in making the planet a 'greener' place for generations to come. Considering how massive global migration has become, some companies are also making a stand towards creating and using eco-friendly products, hence minimizing their carbon footprint and doing their bit to protect the earth. Take a look at some of the most environmentally friendly brands that have changed the way companies operate and contribute today.


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From cutting carbon emissions and sourcing energy from renewable sources, WIPRO led the activism against greenhouse gases. Ranked number 1 in the 18th edition of the ‘Greenpeace’s Guide to Greener Electronics’ and scoring high points (7.1), WIPRO was once under attack by Greenpeace for its highly toxic electronics. By producing computers free of toxics, WIPRO gave an exemplary performance in reaction to the charge brought against them. The company has also introduced an effective take-back policy on the collection and recycling of post-consumer e-waste.


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The leading fashion designer is renowned for her eco-friendly ways. Her company’s UK based studio and office are powered by wind energy. Stella’s views about saving the planet reflect in her collections. With the use of as much organic cotton as possible in the garments to use of more natural and renewable resources for her handbags and eye wear collection, Stella’s efforts are one to be admired. For her efforts in conservation of resources, Stella was honoured by the Natural Resources and Defense Council, New York in 2009.                   


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From reducing waste to using solar energy in its day to day activities, our favourite care brand is doing its bit in saving the planet. The second largest corporate user of on-site solar power in the United States, Johnson & Johnson achieved a 9 % absolute reduction in CO2 emissions from 1990 to 2008, meeting the goal of a 7 % absolute reduction by 2010. From producing better boxes and bottles to generating solar energy, and using more than 2,000 hybrid vehicles, working in buildings powered with clean energy, Johnson & Johnson companies are taking steps to reduce their environmental impact and bringing about the much needed change in their own way 


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The most loved Scandinavian furnishing brand, Ikea has always worked towards energy efficiency. Apart from working with sustainable forestry, IKEA was the first major retailer to switch off incandescent lights in its stores and only sell energy efficient lighting. Almost half of the company’s products come from renewable resources.


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Addressing the environmental challenges, Sportswear giant NIKE is contributing its fair share towards conservation of energy. From recycling shoes, phasing out Sulphur hexafluoride and manufacturing sports accessories from waste, NIKE is practicing sustainable development of its products in an environment friendly way.


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Committed to being an environment friendly company, Yahoo emphasizes on the most efficient and innovative techniques to save the planet. Yahoo is developing first of its kind environmentally conscious data centres to share the responsibility of a clean and green planet.

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