Beauty / DIY: Body Contour Tips To Accentuate Your Assets In A Sari

DIY: Body Contour Tips To Accentuate Your Assets In A Sari

Beauty Feb 28, 2017

Get instant abs, defined collar bones and a bigger bust with our body contour tips.

Thanks to contour queen Kim Kardashian a new makeup trend was born. Women learned to make their nose thinner, define their cheekbones and hide their double chins by playing with shade and light. But why just stop at our face? Learn the body contour tricks and bare it all in a sari with sharper collar bones, defined abs and a fuller bust with this DIY.

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You know we’re still all about the contour right? Photo Credit:

How does it work?

The trick is to highlight — make a feature stand out by drawing light to it. If you want to hide something or want a feature fade out, you create shadow by taking light away from it. That’s the beauty of body contour.

Products to Use

Start with cream contour. It’s best to use stick contour or foundation to cover a large area for the most dramatic body contour looks.

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Clinique Chubby Sticks. Photo Credit:

Choose cool tones to create shadows and light. The dark shade should be 2-3 shades darker than your skin tone and to highlight choose 2-3 shades lighter than your skin tone. Use a makeup brush to diffuse the highlight and contour. Then set it in place by using a bronzer and powder.


Create defined abs by applying dark cream contour on either side of the belly button. Then blend the harsh lines in a vertical motion. Use bronzer to create a line above the belly button. Now use a highlighting powder on either side of the contour lines for a toned look. Click here to check out video by beauty expert Huda Beauty right here! 

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Beauty guru Huda Beauty gives tips on how to contour your abs. Photo Credit:


Apply liquid highlighter to your collarbone with your fingers. Then use a cream contour to define the edges. Blend the lines away for a sharp look.


Use cream contour to create a V from your cleavage defining the curve of your bust. Use a brush to blend the lines away and apply bronzer to darken the contour further. Then highlight the chest to bring them forward and make them appear more fuller.

Body contour tips for your bust. Photo Credit: YouTube

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