Beauty / DIY Review of Charlotte’s Bum Butter With Our Must-Have Tips!

DIY Review of Charlotte’s Bum Butter With Our Must-Have Tips!

Beauty Mar 30, 2017

We discovered the universal benefits of using Charlotte’s Bum Butter. Made for babies, this moisturizer is also perfect for adults! 

As a professional makeup and hair artist and a beauty blogger, I feel lucky to review products. I came across Charlotte’s Bum Butter through a work friend named Henrieta Haniskova. She has been a photographer for years and recently had a baby girl named Charlotte. She created this product originally for babies however it is so much more than that.

South Asian women and men deserve to show off their beautiful skin and Charlotte’s Bum Butter is great for most skin types. All of the ingredients are natural, food grade and organic which include shea butter that is whipped for a really smooth application. Coconut, sesame, jojoba and sunflower oils are added for moisture. Organic essential oils are added to help heal various skin conditions and have a beautiful smell to boot.

Charlotte’s Bum Butter has three formulas — for babies, girls and boys. The baby formula contains no essential oils as it can irritate very sensitive skin. It’s also perfect for adults with sensitive skin.

Charlotte's Bum Butter
Charlotte’s Bum Butter for boys. Photo Credit: Charlotte’s Bum Butter


Charlotte’s Bum Butter formula for girls and boys contain lavender, sandalwood, vanilla as well as sweet orange essential oil.

Lavender oil is grown at high altitudes in France; it has healing, anti-inflammatory, anti-bacterial, antiseptic properties. It helps the skin to heal while relaxing your baby and adding lovely aroma.

The sweet orange essential oil is cold-pressed and has wonderful uplifting effects, but is also antiseptic, anti-inflammatory, fungicidal bactericidal and digestive.

Charlotte's Bum Butter
Charlotte’s Bum Butter for newborns. Photo Credit: Charlotte’s Bum Butter


Not just for babies here are ways that grown ups can benefit from Charlotte’s Bum Butter! 

DIY Tip #1: Various weather conditions, over processing, as well as pollution can dry out hair and Charlotte’s Bum Butter is perfect as a hair mask. Apply a little bit to the palms of hands and distribute evenly to towel-dried hair, or use as a hair mask and rinse after a few minutes. I use little amounts to tame frizz or moisturize ends on dry hair as well and it works like magic.

DIY Tip #2: Use Charlotte’s Bum Butter to nourish your nails. This magic potion is perfect for moisturizing dry nail beds and hands.

DIY Tip #3: Rosacea, eczema and various rashes are easily treated by applying this special cream. It also works very well on chapped lips, cheeks and crib cap.

DIY Tip #4: It also works very well as a makeup remover.

This magic potion is here to stay. Charlotte’s Bum Butter is must in my makeup bag.


Main Image Photo Credit: Charlotte’s Bum Butter 

Natalia Zurawska

Natalia Zurawska


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