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Vasanti Cosmetics Red Carpet Glam

Beauty Jan 25, 2017

As you get ready for Awards Season and you find that you’re tired of always trying to find make-up to fit your mid skin tone, look no further! We have the ONLY company that matters in this niche, showcased in this week’s ANOKHI Spotlight TV.

Vasanti Cosmetics is a Canadian homegrown make-up and skincare brand that has been servicing this market segment for over 15 years, specializing in one of the most diverse range of chic, rich colour palettes this side of the hemisphere.

Check out this do-it-yourself tutorial by their top make-up artist, Gargi Patel, who shows you how to get red carpet glam in minutes, using Vasanti’s readymade glam eye shadow palettes, sheer sleek eyeliner, magnifying mascara, and luscious lipstick.

And if you’d like to know where to pick up your own stash of sensational make-up bag must-haves, go STAT to and a select Shopper’s Drug Mart stores!!

What are you waiting for? Trust us when we say that you’ll wish you had come across them years ago!!!

See you soon for another FAB episode of ANOKHI Spotlight TV 🙂

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