Showbiz / Fenulla Jiwani On Her Upcoming Film ‘Nobody’

Fenulla Jiwani On Her Upcoming Film ‘Nobody’

Showbiz May 13, 2014

Fenulla Jiwani aka FenSTAR gives us the scoop on her soon-to-be released short film Nobody.

Fenulla Jiwani isn’t just your average artist. A trained singer, dancer, actor and author, Jiwani has produced critically acclaimed plays, performed on the stage across Canada and made a name for herself throughout the arts scene based on her hard work, talent and ambition.
In 2009, her critically acclaimed, crowd-pleasing comedic play 30 Dates started a two-year tour of Canada and earned rave reviews in national magazines, TV and newspapers.
The Toronto-based star followed up her songwriting success in 2012 with the release of a pop and R&B-influenced album, and since then the multi-talented Jiwani has been busy working on launching a short film titled Nobody. Did we mention she also owns her own production company.

Jiwani completed a Bachelor of Education degree and later attended the Randolph Academy for the Performing Arts. 

The first big-screen project from her production company, FenStar Productions, charts the inner journey of a woman looking for peace and happiness – a story she believes that many women from the South Asian diaspora can relate to.

It tells the tale of a woman named Mahima and how one instant changes everything when her eyes meet that of a homeless woman while on the way to her engagement party. That moment causes her to question the life she's been living – and the one she is about to begin. Directed by Jonathan Dubsky, the movie has a universally relatable theme of the quest for inner peace.

Describing the idea, Jiwani explains, “This story came through me, powerfully and spontaneously on the page. I knew then that it had to be told since many people could relate to the protagonist Mahima’s experience of questioning life and having an urge to know your true self.”
The film is still in production and FenStar invites people of the community to come together and support the project to showcase it worldwide. Ten percent of the money raised will go to Friends of Ramana’s Garden, a home and school for formerly homeless or abused children in Rishikesh, India.
To find our more about the campaign or to donate, click here.

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