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World Premiere: Rock Paper Dice Enter

Showbiz Jun 13, 2014

Rock Paper Dice Enter by Kash Gauni and Shreela Chakrabartty is a Canadian-made suspense thriller that has been making waves worldwide.

The story is set in the fictitious city of Strathaven in North America, involving a hacker named Roman (Kash Gauni) who alerts City Intelligence of a security breach in the city's system. The Phantom6 security team, which includes the city mayor, fire chief and the chief of City Intelligence, work together to trace Roman through a series of phone calls, hoping he will get caught in his own game.
The cast includes Kash Gauni, Richard Lee, Alyson Dicey, Ojas Joshi and Maire Muncaster. Producer/writer/actor Kash Gauni balances a career in Toronto's finance sector with his work in film. Shreela Chakrabartty is a full-time filmmaker in Edmonton who directed her first film at the age of eight while living in India. Both producers have been actively involved in the film industry for the past 20 years.

Producer Kash Gauni and director Shreela Chakrabartty/stalbertgazette

The film has gained a lot of attention as thrillers produced in Canada are rare, and because it's directed by a woman. Of course, there’s the also the clever, attention-grabbing title, Rock Paper Dice Enter.
"The title of the film suggests a game of life we play using a keyboard and by taking chances. Every individual is accountable for their actions based on decisions taken with the information at hand. Corruption spreads like cancer. For filmmakers, this makes the perfect backdrop for an intelligent, entertaining ride," says Chakrabartty.

L-R Shreela Chakrabartty, Mayor Susan Fennel, Daisy Gauni, Kash Gauni, Senator Dr. Asha Seth, Satish Thakkar 

Upon completion, the movie was picked up by the largest cinema chain in India, PVR Cinemas India. It was released in India earlier this year in February. Landmark Cinemas released the film in Canada last week at Square One Mississauga, Country Hills Calgary and Clareview, Edmonton.

Video courtesy of Rock Paper Dice Enter

The movie has enjoyed sold out shows across Edmonton. In the Greater Toronto Area, the film opened to large crowds, with local dignitaries, including Ontario Senator Dr. Asha Seth and Brampton Mayor Susan Fennell, attending the premieres.

All Images Courtesy Of: rockpaperfilms


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