Showbiz / Lady Gaga’s Ist Trip To India!

Lady Gaga’s Ist Trip To India!

Showbiz Jun 02, 2013

From Press Conference to sold-out performance, Lady Gaga held court.

Lady Gaga held court on stage and in fans' hearts On Sunday October 30th, Lady Gaga’s maiden trip to India was topped off with her concert. Delighting the sold-out Jaypee Greens Golf and Spa Resort in Greater Noida, she donned a Tarun Tahiliani cream coloured Swarovski-covered concept sari for her performance. It was a surprise not only for the audience but also for the Delhi-based designer, who sent her numerous outfits from his latest collection for her consideration, but had no idea that she was going to go with it until she appeared on stage.

"She was so overwhelmed by the dresses that she chose one among them for her performance, leaving the ones she had brought with her already. I had no idea she would be wearing one of my creations for the night!" Tahiliani told PTI. Tahiliani sent her various sari drapes to show the workmanship and embellishments that India is known for.

Gaga even declared on stage that she was wearing the designs of the top designer of India. Tahiliani — no doubt — was thrilled. She graced the stage in a knee length cream-coloured and gold lame dress covered in Swarovski chains, with Tahiliani’s sari panels draped over top. Giving it her own deconstructed style, that only she can do, she told Times of India that “ I ripped this sari and ripped it into shreds and I made it a little bit of New York."

Lady Gaga enthralled her fans by playing the marigold-covered piano along with a sitar player, encompassing Indian motifs in her stage production. She even performed for the first time, an acoustic rendition of her latest single, “Marry The Night” a treat that delighted her Indian Party Monsters.
See her sing it here:

The 30-minute concert lived up to the stratospheric expectations as only a Lady Gaga concert can create. Gaga also sang "Born This Way", "Judas", "Poker Face", "Bad Romance" and "Edge of Glory". Noted for her impeccable camaraderie with her audience, she even shared her personal stories about her life, including the back story to her song “Edge of Glory” where she revealed that it was written as a tribute to her grandfather.

Bollywood was in full force with stars including Preity Zinta, Bipasha Basu, Anil Kapoor, his daughter Sonam Kapoor, Deepika Pudakone, and Shah Rukh Khan who met her backstage where she gave him one of her sunglasses for his daughter is also gaga about Lady Gaga.
Gaga even tweeted "Screw Hollywood. It's all about Bollywood." with a fabulous twit pic with her, Rampal and SRK!

Lady Gaga chats about her upcoming, concert as part of F1 festivities at Press Conference

As India embraces their debut on the racing circuit this weekend with their Grand Prix Formula 1 race in New Delhi, Bollywood heartthrob and nightlife impresario, Arjun Rampal definitely made magic by bringing to the country, the biggest musician of our time.

As the co-owner of the city's leading go-to place for the movers and shakers, his resto-lounge, Lap, Rampal knew that he needed to make this F1 memorable. And how can it not, when you have Lady Gaga performing at one of his F1 parties.

Rampal told Hindustan Times in September, when the deal was confirmed, that "It wasn't easy getting her down, since she is the biggest superstar in the world. But I have to say her management was cooperative, and the guys from (a music portal that has remixed Gaga's music with Indian artists in the past) were also a huge help."

And faster than you can say "Poker face", Lady Gaga touched down in New Delhi on Thursday, October 27 and immediately tweeted, "I am finally here + what a dream come true. Performing at Formula 1 in INDIA, and my first day here I reached. We're not in NEW YORK anymore! This isn't the #NewDeli, its #NewDelhi! We've come a long way since the lower east side. NAMASTE."

This is her first trip to India, which coincides with her tour to promote Born This Way. On October 30th, she'll perform for an intimate gathering of 1,000 guests at the Jaypee Greens Golf and Spa Resort in Greater Noida. Tickets to this once-in-a-lifetime event were snapped up at RS 40,000 each in record time.

At the press conference, she didn't disappoint the packed room, as she sat, in a regal throne-like chair, sipping what I hope to be masala chai and sporting her trademark shades topped off with an orange-hued beehive and printed one-shoulder frock by Naeem Khan, which only she can pull off.

"First of all, I feel so blessed, never would have imagined years ago that I would be able to come to India and perform and to meet my new amazing fans that are here". She enthused. "The sites here in India are beautiful, but the most beautiful sights are the people".

As for what she's going to wear on Sunday, one journalist dared to ask such question, to which she kindly teased, "What I'm going to wear? We'll I'm not going to spoil the surprise."

Click below to see some of her press conference.

Stay tuned for concert coverage coming soon!

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