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The Host: Fine Indian Cuisine

Culture & Lifestyle Dec 18, 2013

Looking for a multilevel restaurant with exquisite South Asia flavours to satisfy your cravings?

The Host offers the freshest and highest quality ingredients to create authentic, Indian food based on classic formulas with a modern and innovative approach. Pamper your taste buds with each of the gourmet items on their menu, deliciously designed by using the perfect blend of spices by the the head chef , Sanjeev Sethi.

"The menu contains the sum of my 30-years of knowledge as a chef. It is a passport that will give you access to an unparalleled culinary experience, one that will take the art of Indian cuisine to a new level. Although Indian food has a rich and complicated history, the secret to making it is very simple. It is a secret I learned from my mother, the greatest chef I know and the inspiration for everything  I do today.  In her kitchen, I learned that  the best food is always created with love. And love demands that you make no compromises or take no shortcuts,"says, one of the most sorted out chefs in the city, Sanjeev Sethi.

The Host offers a slew of services that cater to corporate events, weddings, parties, galas, intimate lunches and dinners. They also offer a custom tailored menu to fit your theme, your timetable and your vision. 

In recent years, the Host has expanded to multiple locations,its newest addition is 259 Host.

The menu includes appetizers like Panir and Brie cheese croquettes in a savory crust of gram flour and lentil flakes. Tangy chaat of rice cakes served with crispy spinach fritters, yoghurt and fresh date chutney. Main courses such as lobster tail coated with fresh red pepper paste, coconut, and baby spinach (cooked in a tandoor) are one of our favs. Perfectly aged four-year-old basmati rice accompanies each dish. 

The entire space seats 80, with room for 40 on each of the two levels, and an outdoor patio can hold 20 in the warmer months. The upper level, which overlooks Wellington Street, has its own bar and can accommodate business meetings and private functions too. 

Got your mouth watering? Book your reservation today.


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