Culture & Lifestyle / Vikas Khanna Launches New Book ‘Return To The Rivers’

Vikas Khanna Launches New Book ‘Return To The Rivers’

Culture & Lifestyle Jan 16, 2014

Born in India, famed Chef Vikas Khanna learned to cook from his grandmother and followed by opening his own catering company at the age of seventeen. Now a New-York-based chef, worked his way up to top-rated chefs status in the city. 
He was named one of StarChef’s 'Rising Stars' in 2010 and is currently the Executive Chef of the Michelin-starred restaurant Junoon. He's also known to many as the host of MasterChef India, FOX Traveller’s 'Twist of Taste' and his documentary film series about food and religion, Holy Kitchens.

With food and travel revolutionizing culinary vacations over the past few years. Food aficionados are leaving the comfort of their own kitchens to travel the globe and cook alongside expert chefs, learning the best techniques in dish preparation, spice selection and the secrets of indigenous ingredients.
With this in mind Khanna brings to you the 'Return to the Rivers', the culinary expedition to discover the wonders of international cuisines. Both a cookbook and a travelogue, Khanna’s newest book takes us on a pilgrimage across the Himalayas as he delves into the culture and tradition surrounding these sacred pathways (everything from finding local ingredients to serving this incredible food.)


'Return to the Rivers' boasts nearly 500 pages with 100 full-color photographs of plated dishes, exotic travel experiences, and musings. What readers will find is preserved traditions, values and simple gifts that the Himalayan people bestowed upon Khanna during his journey.
Khanna’s spiritual and culinary journey through the Himalayan heartland brings foodies and travel enthusiasts some of the best recipes and culture from northern India, Bhutan, Nepal, Tibet and western China.
The book explores a wide variety of cultural delicacies, as it is organized by Street Foods; Soups and Noodles; Grains; Vegetables; Fish; Poultry, Eggs and Cheese; Meats; Breads; Condiments; Desserts; and Beverages. There’s even a section dedicated to the ever popular Momo, along with different techniques to fold these iconic little dumplings.


Recipes include everything from savory dishes like Durbar Square Chaat Piti, one of the most popular roadside snacks in the Himalayas, to the 'Vaishno Devi Chickpeas Masala' that travelers bring on their pilgrimages to seek favor at the Vaishno Devi Temple. Khanna even gives pointers for the perfect way to cook spicy fried tofu with his own Tibetan chile-garlic paste recipe.
'Return to the Rivers' also features Lamb rogan josh, the signature dish of Kashmir, as well as saffron-yogurt fish curry and a variety of naans and curries that make use of an eclectic spices that defines Himalayan cuisine. Khanna also shares his recipe for Tibetan steamed lotus bread and recounts the journey that led to his affinity for Tsampa butter tea. Sweet lovers will marvel over his recipes for Bhutanese rose pastries and kulfi – the Indian ice cream of Khanna’s childhood. 

Vikas Khanna, along with Lake Isle Press, will launch 'Return to the Rivers' at an exclusive event on Tuesday, January 28 from 5:30 p.m. onwards at Junoon Restaurant (27 W 24th St., between 5th and 6th Avenues). 

We wish the renowned chef all the best for the launch, and on that note, happy cooking everyone! 

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