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Hot Plate: Shrimp Pakora

Culture & Lifestyle Jan 30, 2014

So, you invite a friend or some family over for a cup of chai to catch-up. What's on the table besides the masala tea?  I've seen over and over again the usual suspects: traditional potato and pea samosa's or mixed veggie pakora's. Basically, the easy way out.

Trendy samosa joints are on the rise and I've even seen pakora's done in a variety of ways like chicken, paneer and mint chutney, and even the classic bread roll. Yet I haven't come across a seafood pakora; and so I created the Shrimp Fritter.

This pakora has the same base as most fritters with a besan (or gram flour) batter, but I add complimenting flavours of red onions, capers, and even some smoked paprika. The base batter is so simple that it allows room for you to be creative and fusion any pakora out! Try adding a seafood medley like squid, lobster, or even fresh tilapia.

Garnish the dish with crispy and salty pan-friend capers and enjoy that chai and chat with your loved ones even more.


1    • pound shrimp, cleaned 
1    • tsp smoked paprika
1    • cup chickpea flour (besan)
3/4 • cup water (use water as needed)
1    • cup chopped potatoes 
1    • 2 medium onions, sliced 
1    • tsp cumin seeds
1/2 • tsp chilli powder
1    • tbsp dried fenugreek (kasuri methi) – crushed
1    • tbsp chaat masala
1    • tsp garam masala
1    • tbsp salt
1    • pinch of baking powder
Vegetable Oil


• clean shrimps and add smoked paprika | marinade for 15 mins

• mix your potatoes, onions, all spices and shrimp to a bowl | mix 

• add chickpea flour and mix

• add water slowly and mix until you have a good consistency | you are looking for a nice paste consistency | add more water or flour if needed

• heat oil in a wok or deep fryer at medium temperature

• test out one pakora to make sure your seasoning is on point | add seasoning if needed

• fry away and enjoy your pakoras with a drink or a cup of chaa 🙂

TIP: sprinkle chaat masala after pakoras are done frying for an extra kick of flavours 

Good Eats!

Image Courtesy of Rick Matharu 

Rick Matharu

Rick Matharu


Rick is the winner of Food Network’s Recipe to Riches for his Butter Chicken Lasagna, he loves exploring exotic flavours, family favourites, is known for his unique twist to famous classics. He is all about innovating everyday food. www.RicksGoodEats...


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