Fashion / DIY Get The Look With Holi — This Spring’s Beauty Inspiration!

DIY Get The Look With Holi — This Spring’s Beauty Inspiration!

Fashion Mar 06, 2018

Give your makeup palette an electrifying colourful boost with Holi — this Spring’s beauty inspiration! 

Holi, The Festival of Colour, reminds us that life is a miracle and that Spring is around the corner. The throwing of coloured-powder is an iconic image of South Asian culture and serves as a wonderful inspiration for two distinctive Spring 2018 beauty looks: Drenched and Holographic.


Get Drenched – Eyes

The Drenched look uses strong shots of colour that define the eyes and lips with neutral cheeks that attract light to the face. After perfecting the complexion, and curling the eyelashes, the eyes should be lined, not with your standard kajol but rather with a black liquid liner for the top eye line and colourful powdery pencil for the lower eye line.

Check out Charlotte Tilbury’s The Feline Flick — a black liner that looks like a calligraphy marker.


Holi — this Spring's beauty inspiration
Holi — this Spring’s beauty inspiration: Charlotte Tilbury The Feline Flick Kit includes The Feline Flick liner. Photo Credit:


I like to close my eye, pull my eyelid taut towards the temple, position the liner at the inner corner and draw a series of small strokes towards the outer corner.  Once the line is drawn, I let the ink dry for a few seconds and then fill in where the line appears to be uneven. I repeat the same procedure on the other eye. The end result is haute definition.

The lower eye line is where you can infuse some colour — any colour — to brighten the area. Since green is a prominent colour for Holi, I recommend  a deep emerald such as Clarins Crayon Khôl in Intense Green.


Holi — this Spring's beauty inspiration
Holi — this Spring’s beauty inspiration: Clarins The Khol. Photo Credit: Clarins Canada


It frames dark peepers with aplomb. After softly drawing the line, I use the built-in brush to soften it thus adding an air of sensuality. Now is the time to add concealer and apply mascara.


Get Drenched – Lips

The next step are the lips. The eyes are beautifully defined with a  hint of playfulness. The lips are where we can add the drama in the form of a matte lip colour.   Red is another prominent colour for Holi, and Estée Lauder Pure Color Envy Paint-on Liquid LipColor in Controversial is a flattering true red that flatters all South Asian skin tones. It is neither too blue nor too orange, and the dove tip applicator delivers such intense pigment that one swipe suffices for the day. The colour adheres to the lips, and it is “pakora-proof”.

Holi — this Spring's beauty inspiration
Holi — this Spring’s beauty inspiration: Estée Lauder Pure Color Envy Paint-on Liquid LipColor. Photo Credit:


Soften The Cheeks

The drama of the lips commands that the cheeks be subtle which means no colour, just highlight.  The holographic look is a great way to attract light to the face.  Diorskin Nude Air Luminizer Glow Addict in Holo Pink is great for light-medium skin tones, while Holo Gold is lovely on dark skin tones.

Holi — this Spring's beauty inspiration
Holi — this Spring’s beauty inspiration:  Diorskin Nude Air Luminizer Glow Addict. Photo Credit:


The key to correct application is to use a stiff, thick kabuki-style brush and tap it along the tops of the cheeks. The powder will reflect the light around the eyes and open the face.

The Drenched look is wonderful for any occasion but by using key Holi colours such as red and green, you carry the spirit of the holiday as we cross the finish line from winter into spring.


Holographic Haute

If your spring beauty style is more like mine — ethereal, then the Holographic trend is for you! It’s a softer tone using colour that brings light to the air.

The trick for South Asian skin tones is to prepare the the eyelids with primer and exfoliate and hydrate the lips. Holographic make-up is subtle and relies on the particles to reflect  the light, consequently, the natural blue that appears through the thin skin of the eyelids  needs to be muted so that the holographic effect is apparent. On the lips, the particles cling to dead skin and announce that you left your lip balm at home. A smooth surface allows the colour to stick and highlight as intended.

A great holographic eye shadow palette for South Asian skin tones is Nars Danger Control. 


Holi - this Spring's beauty inspiration
Holi – this Spring’s beauty inspiration: Nars Danger Control. Photo Credit:


The six eye shadows are particle-rich and include shades such as Rave (shimmering white silver), Elektra (shimmering golden pink), Aeryn Sun (shimmering pale pink), Bionic (iridescent yellow), Haedus (iridescent purple) and Tonic (shimmering lilac).

They can be colour-washed, mixed together, or used separately on different areas of the eye. The formula allows you to apply them wet or dry, which adds yet another dimension to the look.

I love to apply Aeryn Sun wet on my lid, and then apply Haedus (dry) on my lower lid and Tonic (dry) in the crease. I define my eyes with a thin line using The Feline Flick, and add a swipe of mascara. 

Same as it is with the Drenched look, I define my cheeks using the Diorskin Nude Air Luminizer Glow Addict in Holo Pink.

After the work on my eyes and cheeks, my lips have absorbed the balm, and I apply three coats of Dior Addict Lip Glow Holo Glow in Holo Purple. I have some pigmentation and this holographic shade really flatters my lips. For lightly-pigmented lips, the Pink Holo is a great alternative.


Holi — this Spring's beauty inspiration
Holi — this Spring’s beauty inspiration: Dior Addict Lip Glow Holo Glow. Photo Credit:


The end result is utterly romantic and awaits the return of spring flowers!


Holi — this Spring’s beauty inspiration: This is me in full holographic make-up. Photo credit: Meena Khan

Holi is beacon of colour for all of us! It is an excellent, positive beauty inspiration as we shake off the shackles of winter and embrace spring.  Cue Vivaldi!


Main Image Photo Credit: Meena Khan 

Meena Khan

Meena Khan


Meena (@meenalaregina) always loved the idea of exploring the non-conventional idea of beauty. Having grown up as a pimply chubby teenager, she wanted to see the change in the world that best reflected your uniqueness as well. Her well-received collection of blogs where she tries on various beauty p...


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