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Holiday Gift Guide 2016: For People Who Love Travel And Adventure

Culture & Lifestyle Showbiz Dec 19, 2016

We help you pick the perfect gift for travel and adventure lovers. For folks who love to have a good time seeing the world, here are some gift ideas for beginners and seasoned travellers alike.



Guide Price: $10–$100 CDN

Fujifilm Instax Camera
Fujifilm camera. Photo Credit:

Scrapbooks are pretty inexpensive, and they’re available at arts and crafts shops. You could just get this if you’re on a budget. If you have no set budget, then choose a nice little camera such as the above Fujifilm Instax Mini 8 as part of the gift. Your friend or loved one can take some awesome snapshots on their travels to stick in a scrapbook and share with you when they get back.

Luggage Tag and Passport Cover

Guide Price: $10 CDN

Luggage Tag and Passport Cover, Photo Credit:

A colourful, personalized passport holder and luggage tag can be a huge asset. This colourful passport holder will ensure your loved one never mixes their passport up with family members’, and a luggage tag that stands out will help them identify their bags at the carousel. The set pictured above comes from a company called ETGtek on Amazon, but you can also buy similar products in luggage and stationary shops.

M Square Wash Bags

Guide Price: $10 CDN

Wash Bag – Photo Credit:

For any traveller, a wash bag is essential. You could just put toiletries in a plastic bag, but a wash bag keeps everything tidy. And if something does happen to spill, wash bags are waterproof and save clothes from getting wet and sticky. These M Square wash bags with hooks are a great idea. You can hang them on the back of a hotel bathroom door. They’re available at

1,000 Places To See Before You Die

Guide Price: $20 CDN

100 Place To See Before You Die Book
Travel Book, Photo Credit:

There are 365 days in a year, and it shouldn’t take long to complete the book 1,000 Places to See before You Dieshould it? Well, you can leave that to the recipient, but this interesting guide tells you about all the magnificent places in the world. Buy it from any major bookstore or Amazon.

Scratch Map

Guide Price: $30 CDN

Scratch Map, Photo Credit:

These scratch maps by Luckies have become very popular. They’re a great alternative to journals. Travellers can track all the countries they visit and pin the map up for guests to marvel at. It’s a great conversation starter when people come over, and the maps  come in various colours and sizes.


Guide Price: $50+ CDN

Suitcases, Photo Credit:


Suitcases come in all shapes and sizes. If you’re not looking to splurge on a present, you could buy a small cabin-sized suitcase for someone who takes a lot of long weekend trips or a larger option for those who travel abroad a lot. If budget isn’t an issue, you could buy a complete set. These Travelway sets start at $50 CDN at Walmart.

Weekend Escape

Guide Price: $300+ CDN

Skyline of Detroit
Detroit – Photo Credit:

If you’re shopping for a loved one, why not book a weekend escape to a nearby town? There are plenty of small towns and big cities that we don’t always get a chance to visit — even if they’re close by. A weekend trip can be a great surprise.

International Trip

Guide Price: $2,000+ CDN

Onboard Lounge in Emirates First Class
The lounge aboard Emirates for First Class passengers on Emirates.  – Photo Credit:

If you’re looking to really spoil someone this Christmas, take it one step further and book an international trip. Emirates is a fantastic airline with great offers all year round. Dubai is the main hub, but the airline also offers flight plans all over the world — from Toronto to Singapore, Seychelles, Johannesburg, Chennai and Sydney, to name a few. Business class and First Class are simply luxury in the sky with incredible amenities. Complete with an an actual inflight lounge where you can hang out with your fellow passengers. Super luxurious bedding and spa-like bathroom facilities as well as a stellar wine selection. And with them being the top purchaser of Dom Perignon in the world, why not pop that cork in the sky! For more information and pricing please visit


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Originally published: December 7, 2016

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