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Mumbai Hosted The Global Citizen Festival With Coldplay And It Was Epic

Culture & Lifestyle Showbiz Nov 20, 2016

Mumbai was abuzz on November 19 as Hollywood and Bollywood united on the MMRDA grounds in one of the most memorable events of 2016: The Global Citizen Festival featuring Coldplay. 

The show carried a deep significance for the citizens of Mumbai, as it happened on the eve of “the eighth anniversary of 26/11 Mumbai attacks and speaks volumes about the spirit of Mumbai — the show must go on.”

Coldplay plays at The Global Citizen Festival 2016
Coldplay plays at The Global Citizen Festival 2016.

The star-studded festival is more than just your average concert, however. Instead, it is part of Global Citizen’s efforts to not only bring awareness to serious issues affecting citizens around the world but, in the process, these types of events are pushing people to take action, which is having a bigger impact. For example, in order to attend Global Citizen’s Festival, party-goers had to earn their keep “by taking actions to help solve the world’s biggest problems on [their] site and in [their] app. In the three months leading up to the festival, Global Citizens made videos denouncing sexist laws, visited libraries to advocate for refugee education, called politicians to demand increased funding for polio, and so much more. Petitions were signed, tweets were sent, the Global Citizen community grew, and [the] impact was measured.”

In particular, the festivities in Mumbai were focused on factors that contribute to poverty, such as water and sanitation, education, women and girls, and diseases, like polio.

MAA TUJHE SALAAM ⭕️?? #GlobalCitizenIndia #GlobalCitizens #November19

A video posted by Global Citizen India (@glblctznin) on

AR Rahman sings with Chris Martin of Coldplay. Photo Credit:

With the combined efforts of star power and global citizens throughout the world who have taken action, as opposed to simply raising money, there has been progress. The Global Citizen movement, which was founded in 2012, works to twist the arms of governing powers and corporations, in order to produce longer lasting results, such as through “…changing rules, practices, and giving money themselves.” With that said, the impact of Global Citizens is noteworthy as to date: “44 announcements and commitments were made during the 2016 Global Citizen Festival all thanks to the dedication of Global Citizens everywhere. These actions helped secure $1.9 billion and are set to reach 199 million of the poorest and most vulnerable people around the world.”

Mumbai was selected as the party spot this time around because they are putting their money where their mouth is and their citizens are driving the change that they want to see for their country. For instance, “in just two months, half a million young Indians have become Global Citizens, and they’ve taken 2 million actions in support of achieving the Global Goals and ending extreme poverty by 2030.”

Needless to say, the work of Global Citizens is a combined effort that is propelled by events, such as the Global Citizens Festival as it garners attention, educates people on important world issues, and encourages real action.

However, the event would not be anything without a little music to liven things up! This year’s line-up, which was curated by Coldplay’s frontman, Chris Martin, featured performances and appearances from the likes of Coldplay, Jay-Z, A.R. Rahman, Arjun Kapoor, Amitabh Bachchan, Shah Rukh Khan, and Demi Lovato.

Check out some of the highlights from the slew of impressive performances on Saturday below:

Coldplay x A.R. Rahman: A.R. Rahman joined Coldplay on stage and they performed Maa Tujhe Salaam. I mean really, are there even enough words to describe what my eyes and ears were witnesses to?! It was pure musical genius and I am grateful to have been able to experience it!

Jay-Z’s performance incorporated Indian influences and he rapped in Punjabi: quite frankly, nothing more needs to be said *mic drop.*

Although the PM Narendra Modi could not attend, he was still there in spirit and on the screen:

Prime Minister Narendra Modi. Photo Credit:

I personally loved the fact that there was a rendition of John Lennon’s “Imagine” by the children of Music Basti. I thought this was sweet and so fitting.

The Music Bast kids. Photo Credit:

Did anyone else experience a sudden calmness when Amitabh Bachchan and Farhan Akhtar took the stage?

Amazing duo on stage @amitabhbachchan and @faroutakhtar. Highlight of the day! #GlobalCitizenIndia

A video posted by Global Citizen India (@glblctznin) on

Amitabh Bachchan on stage. Photo Credit:

Demi Lovato is truly iconic. Her bleeding heart and tireless efforts toward countless causes have not gone unnoticed. And, to top it all off, she killed her performance.

Demi Lavato sings strong at Global Citizen Festival 2016. Video Credit:

Shraddha Kapoor also wowed with her performance.

Weeeheeeee #GlobalCitizenIndia @glblctznin ❤️ #19thNov

A video posted by Shraddha ~ (@shraddhakapoor) on

Shraddha Kapoor. Photo Credit:

And, last, but not least: King Khan was there in all his glory.


Shah Rukh Khan. Photo Credit:

Main Image Credit:

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