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Top 5 Destinations To Inspire Your Interior Design

Culture & Lifestyle Mar 10, 2015

A Quick Spin Around The Globe Reveals Five Destinations That Are Perfect For Inspiring Your Home Decor

Mumbai, India

The vibrancy of Mumbai inspires so many things, and your home is no different. You can incorporate the city’s rich colours and sumptuous variety of fabrics and textures into your home through soft furnishings and decorative accents as well as stand-out pieces. Try creating a meditation room (or corner) with red walls covered in cast-iron vintage sconces, complete with oversized floor cushions in a range of warm colours.

Vancouver, Canada

This beautiful city mixes nature and the great outdoors with a modern, bustling, contemporary style. In your home, keep lines sleek and minimal and bring in greens, natural lighting and touches of the outdoors — like a natural wood sofa table or a statement stone water feature.

Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Beautiful people aren’t the only thing to admire in Amsterdam. The abundant flowers and local markets, plus the quaint, ubiquitous bridges and canals, inspire a home that’s traditional yet feminine. Create your own Amsterdam by decorating a brick accent wall with a huge floral painting. Spray-paint an old bike all-white (including the tires and pedals) and lean it against the wall for the perfect finishing touch.

Paris, France

The city of lights will always inspire — whether it’s thanks to its fashion, love, history or romance. Bring a touch of Paris into your home with delicate touches and soft, pastel hues. Consider a breakfast nook or a reading corner with a vintage touch featuring ceramic accents, small-print floral fabrics and lace details.

New York, The United States

The cosmopolitan bustle of New York City and its diverse, fashion-centric residents make this spot a go-to for inspiration. "Bright Lights, Big City" is no exaggeration, and fortunately, bringing that into your home is easy. Try theming an entertainment room (games or movies) around the Big Apple with a skyline mural, fluorescent lights and street and subway accent signs.

Images: (Mumbai), (Vancouver), (Amsterdam), (Paris), (New York).

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