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Tips To Keeping The Intimacy Alive

Culture & Lifestyle Apr 19, 2015

Bringing the Passion Back

We all know how hush-hush the South Asian community can be about sex, but this blog post is going to start stripping away the sheets when it comes to how those of you in long-term relationships and marriages can ensure that passion remains and excitement endure for years to come.

As a relations advisor and blog contributor, I have the opportunity not only to speak to people who are hitting road blocks in their relationships but also to interview experts who have been trained in special fields and can provide insights to enhance relationships. Recently, I had the privilege to talk to Dr. Dudley Seth Danoff, who has been a men’s urologist and expert for more than 30 years. Based out of Los Angeles, Dr. Danoff has helped many couples spice up their sex lives as he has the medical knowledge that explains the complexity and mystery of the male anatomy. With gender and cultural perspectives in mind, my conversation with Dr. Danoff led to the following recommendations on how you can bring the passion back in your relationship.

1. Ensure Excitement in the Bedroom

If sex has become a dull routine, it's time to implement ways to spice things up. Keeping things interesting in the bedroom prevents a man from looking outside the relationship for sexual satisfaction and connection. Men are very visual creatures and also enjoy the lead time to the grand event, so put your mind on foreplay and leading conversations over text prior to a sexual experience. It's all part of the fun, so tease your partner to maximize intimacy.

2. Pay Attention to Your Body’s Rhythms

Fatigue affects sexual energy, so your sexual response will change with stress. The amount of exercise you get and types of food you eat can affect you negatively, so be open to figuring out what works for you. Dr. Danoff encourages couples to experiment with having sex at different times of the day. Sex is not just a night-time activity, and most couples are exhausted by the time night arrives, so explore various times of the day. “Morning sex is a good way to start the day and could be just as invigorating as a morning jog,” recommends Dr. Danoff. Through trial and error, mix your routines up until you find the balance that ensures you are both are in high-energy states.

3. Explore Alternative Sex Practices

Read books and articles to introduce alternative sex practices such as the Kama Sutra. Ask yourself, “When have you done something other than the missionary position?” suggests Dr. Danoff. The possibilities are endless, and he suggests reading and expanding your mind to explore with your partner sexually. Changing venues to increase the excitement is also recommended (ahem, I’m throwing that one in). Depending on how risky you are, this is an area that you and your partner can have a lot of fun with.

4. Connect Emotionally

This tip is more for male readers to pay attention to. Women need an emotional connection to feel the security required to trust and let go in moments of sexual pleasure. Take the time to reconnect with your lover and book some time away on a weekend without kids, phones or other distractions. Your woman is more likely to want to be with you physically the moment you connect with her emotionally. Remember that sex without love can be fun; however, sex with meaningful, lasting love is divine.

If you are interested in Dr. Danoff’s perspectives, you can follow him on Facebook and Twitter.

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Yvonne Sinniah

Yvonne Sinniah


Yvonne Sinniah (@YvonneSinniah) is a Relations Advisor and inspirational speaker focusing on helping individuals achieve success in personal and professional environments.  focusing on helping individuals achieve success in personal and professional environments.  She is on a mission to meet a nee...


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