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Roshni Media Group Awards Celebrate Inspirational South Asians

Culture & Lifestyle May 20, 2015

Celebrating the Inspirational Success Stories of the South Asian Community.  

Since 2005, Roshni Media Group has been documenting the contributions of inspirational South Asians who have paved their way to success — all while finding creative, impactful ways to give back to their community.
The Rosni journey began with the spectacular coffee table book Roshni, the Light of South Asia (2005), which featured 101 South Asians who had made extraordinary contributions within the United States.
In 2011, Roshni Media went on to produce Roshni, the Light of South Asia: North American Edition, which spotlighted inspirational South Asians from the United States and Canada.
After the success of the two keepsake books, Roshni Media realized that a whole new genre of global and emerging leaders were on the rise who equally deserved recognition for their successes at a global level. These visionaries were either inspirational South Asians themselves or part of a diverse community that chose to empower South Asians. 

So the diligent Roshni Media team has been working tirelessly to launch their biggest project to date, their third and most ambitious book, Global-Emerging Leaders of South Asian origin in North America. With nearly 10 million South Asians in North America, the contribution from global and emerging inspirational heroes such as Rachel Roy (fashion designer), Sakina Jaffery (House of Cards), Neel Kashkari (running for governor of California), Jay Sean (pop singer), Kamesh Nagarajan (Morgan Stanley), Karl Mehta (Menlo Ventures), Satya Nadella (Microsoft), Bibhu Mohapatra (designer), Francis Greenberger (Times Equities) and Paula Shugart (Miss Universe) has been outstanding.
In honour of this new Global Emerging Leaders Edition, Roshni Media Group is hosting an awards gala evening to officially launch the book. The awards gala will take place at The Pierre, Taj Hotel, on May 29, 2015, in New York City.

Among the evening’s highlights will be the announcement of the Roshni Global Leaders 2016, featuring distinguished global leaders of South Asian origin.
An estimated 350 members of the global elite will attend, including some of the Roshni honorees. Some people expected to attend are Fareed Zakaria (CNN Host), Bibhu Mohapatra (fashion designer), Ali Velshi (Al Jazeera), Dr. Sanjaly Gupta (CNN Host), Mira Nair (film director), Abhay Deol (Bollywood actor), Lt. Col. Ravi Chaudhary (Air Force officer), Francis Greenberger (Times Equities), Paula Shugart (Miss Universe) and Chelsea Clinton.

In keeping with the mantra of being inspirational, Roshni Media has pledged to donate a portion of the proceeds from the sale of every book to OMI-Art and Art Unlimited — global nonprofits based in New York.
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Both Fox STAR TV and Life OK channel will be airing the awards gala, and during the show, an interview with your channel's representative will take place during the awards, which will air on channels around the world.
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