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How To Be A Good Travel Companion

Culture & Lifestyle Apr 28, 2015

Get an A for "Awesome" Travel Buddy! 

Requesting time off work and then hunting for flight deals and booking hotels, packing, rushing to the airport on time — these are just some of the stresses of travelling. But what can truly turn a dream vacation into a total nightmare is a bad travel companion. Dealing with someone who is sloppy, who uses or borrows your things, and who is indecisive or rude can ruin a getaway. Here are some simple steps that you can take to become a better travel partner and have a stress free vacation.  

Before You Travel

Be transparent — especially when it comes to your budget. You don’t want to be the only one complaining in your group or with just one friend about how you don’t want to spend so much at a fancy restaurant or don’t want to pay a museum's admission fee. Express your likes and dislikes so you don’t inconvenience the people you're travelling with. Also, let your travel purpose be known — whether you're looking for relaxation or want to be out and about exploring — so that everyone agrees on the vacation feel.

Plan ahead. This doesn’t mean you should have every single minute of your vacation accounted for, but just have some idea as to what activities you will be doing together and when you would like alone time. This way, no one gets upset or has other expectations. Also plan on bringing all your essentials with you. No one likes to share their toothpaste and sunscreen every day — or, worse, multiple times a day.

While on Vacation

Clean up after yourself. Nobody wants to share space with a dirty slob — so don’t be one! From the moment you wake up, make sure you leave the bed clean. Either make it or pull up the covers and pick up extra pillows off the floor. When showering, remember to clean the drain. Ladies, pick up your hair yourselves. If need be, wipe the sink and the mirror after brushing your teeth. Always pick up and move aside any toiletries and clothes you take out. Try not to eat on a shared bed, and throw out pizza boxes, food plates and drinks — generally, keep a shared place clean for others.

Respect others. Just because you're travelling with your best friend doesn’t mean they're going to be thrilled to see you in their clothes. Always ask for permission before using your travel partners' items and treat them with respect. Also respect your travel companions' sensitivities or religious restrictions — be mindful of whether they're a vegetarian and don’t want to have meat in the shared fridge or if they don’t want you drinking in the room.

Be Flexible Yet Firm. When travelling, there's the possibility that your travel companion could fall sick or that an event you'd planned for is cancelled. Don’t be upset. Life happens — whether you're on vacation or not — so be flexible. When switching or making plans on the spot, give your suggestions but keep in mind that the majority rules. Have an opinion when asked. Saying “I don’t care” doesn’t help move things along.

In the End

Pay your dues. Always settle any outstanding balances you might owe your travel partner. Be fair in dividing expenses — money matters can end a good friendship.

Most important of all, make a conscious decision to be happy on the trip. Everyone has spent as much as you and taken time off work for a nice vacation. Have fun and let others be happy as well.

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Naemah Abid

Naemah Abid


Born in Saudi Arabia and originally from Pakistan, this Canadian immigrant is all too familiar with airport life. After taking her first pleasure trip abroad post-graduation, Naemah was hit with the travel bug. Find this frequent traveller sharing pictures and experiences, offering up advice and tra...


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