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Gain The Courage Not To Care

Culture & Lifestyle Oct 22, 2014

Find The Courage To Be You With Billy Anderson

Last year, I had the privilege of listening to Billy Anderson, Founder of The Courage Crusade. He spoke about moving past your fears and having the, “Courage not to care.” It was all with the perspective of fulfilling your life’s destiny, growing healthy relationships, and finding the courage to be who you truly are. With great insights from that talk, I wanted to share some of Billy’s advice based on a recently conducted interview.

What does being courageous mean Billy?

Being courageous means pushing past your fears. Often fears hold us back, and can get in the way of healthy relationships, being productive, and truly being our best self. The number one fear that limits us is the fear of what other people will think of us. It keeps us second-guessing ourselves. However, once we understand fear and improve our own self-awareness, we can truly start living the life.

Isn’t fear a negative feeling? What do we do about overcoming our fears?

Fear is a good thing because it means you’re pushing yourself to be better. In order to combat fear that holds us back (the fear of what others think of us) we need to have the courage to be 100 per cent ourselves. 

What role does fear have in most people’s lives?

Fear holds us back every single day. We avoid confrontational conversations, we procrastinate and we make excuses why we’re not ready to change the things in our life that makes us unhappy. We convince ourselves that we can’t find the time, but in reality we have to make the time. Our ego convinces us there are legit reasons for not being more courageous, but in reality it is almost always fear.

How can people overcome fear?

Firstly we need to understand how fear works and why it appears. Then we need to understand that each time we face a fear, we gain a little bit more courage for next time. Courage also cannot exist without fear. Some powerful questions to ask yourself every few days are: “Am I getting out of my comfort zone enough lately, or am I playing it too safe?” and “In order for me to get through this challenge, what do I need to let go of?”

The trick is to take baby steps towards bigger goals. For example, managing a fear of public speaking (one of the most common fears in the world) doesn’t start with speaking in front of one thousand people the first time. It starts with speaking in front of a couple of friends, then slowly increasing the stakes each time. So, the key to lessening fear’s control over us is to actually feel fear more often and see the positive results of doing so.

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Yvonne Sinniah

Yvonne Sinniah


Yvonne Sinniah (@YvonneSinniah) is a Relations Advisor and inspirational speaker focusing on helping individuals achieve success in personal and professional environments.  focusing on helping individuals achieve success in personal and professional environments.  She is on a mission to meet a nee...


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