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Ways To Make Your Relationship Better Now

Culture & Lifestyle Sep 17, 2014

Relationships Involve Constant Give-and-Take

Sometimes they seem to work effortlessly while other times they go through a cycle of ups and downs. While two people try to make a life together,  the road to a strong relationship can be a bumpy one. Remember every time your relationship hits a lull, there is a solution.

Here are some ways to make your relationship better and more fulfilling for both people involved:

Develop a Deeper Friendship

Insecurities are a part of any relationship causing jealousy, obsession, and emotional highs and lows. Instead of putting your relationship at risk as a consequence of your insecurities, work to develop a deeper friendship with your significant other. Ask Men takes a look at the idea that our ability to connect with others is based on childhood experiences.

According to a Prior and Glass (2006) study, about 35 per cent of children grow up with an insecure attachment style because of previous experiences such as betrayal, being bullied, and so on. These experiences cause them to suspect the people who are with them in their adult lives. Spending more time with each other and regularly asking about your partner’s likes and dislikes, stressors and new interests will allow you to become closer to one another.

Do New Things with Each Other 

By doing new things together you are able to engage in new activities, coming together to create new memories.

Anything from going to see a play to spending time away at a cabin, it is not limited to just what you do outside but also by adding more creativity and spark in the bedroom – living out each other’s fantasies will make your life more exciting (and something to look forward to!)

Laugh Together

“Laughter is the best medicine,” as the saying goes. Laughter is truly useful in sparking chemistry between two people.

Once you have developed a deeper friendship with your significant other, feeling free to laugh together, at each other, and at yourselves will make your relationship long-lasting.

It has to be authentic, of course: Gloria Arenson of Women’s Health Magazine recommends watching silly movies with your significant other as it lightens up the mood and brings two people closer.

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