Beauty / Priyanka Chopra’s Makeup Artist Pati Dubroff Shares Her Must-Have List For Your Diwali Beauty Prep

Priyanka Chopra’s Makeup Artist Pati Dubroff Shares Her Must-Have List For Your Diwali Beauty Prep

Beauty Oct 24, 2019

Iconic celebrity makeup artist Pati Dubroff who has worked with Kate Bosworth, Margot Robbie and Priyanka Chopra dishes on key beauty tips and tricks with her exclusive collab with Winners. Check out what you need in your fall beauty bag just in time for Diwali!

After we settled down with some coffee we immediately started talking about our love for South Asia. I was surprised to discover that Pati has always had a spiritual connection with India. She showed me her Indian name “Prema” necklace and counts India as one of her long-time favourite meditation destinations. The country holds such a spiritual connection to her that she had her wedding in Ganeshpuri. So of course when talking about South Asian skin tones, what we should (and shouldn’t be doing) and the key beauty looks for the festive season including Diwali, she was the perfect person to ask!


Iconic celebrity makeup artist Pati Dubroff. Photo Credit: Winners


With Pati Dubroff during our one-on-one meet up to talk about her new collab with Winners. Photo Credit: Hina P. Ansari

We caught up with Pati during her brief stop in Toronto to celebrate the launch of her first collab with Winners Fall/Winter beauty collections.

Pati’s Fave Beauty List For Your Diwali Prep 


Rolling and prepping your skin should always be first and foremost when getting it primed. This beauty massage wand does the trick.

pati dubroff
Beauty Massage Wand. 14.99 CAD. Photo Credit: Winners


Pati giving me a demo on the beauty massager. Photo Credit: Hina P. Ansari

Facial oils for overnight and during the day is also a beauty must-have when it comes to keeping your skin hydrated and healthy.

Rejuvenating facial oils. $9.98 CAD (each). Photo Credit: Winners


Embrace the sparkles of course with this beautiful palette!

pati dubroff
Glittery eye shadow palette. $12.99 CAD. Photo Credit: Winners


Brighten that pout!

Do double duty with this green glitter eye and lip gloss. $6.99 CAD. Photo Credit: Winners


Give your lips some purple love with this lipstain.


Pati Dubroff
Matte Dark Purple Lip Stain. $6.99 CAD. Photo Credit: Winners


Give your skin some glitter with this fabulous dry body spray.


Pati Dubroff
Bronzing shimmer body spray. $12.99 CAD. Photo Credit: Winners


Catch that light with the perfect highlighter!

Highlighter Trio Kit. $24.99 CAD. Photo Credit: Winners


Bonus Pro-Tip From Pati (and what she learned from Priyanka when it comes to foundations)

When using foundation don’t rely on just one foundation shade for your whole face. Everyone has different tones that need to be highlighted. Don’t forget you need to create a dimension.

I always start with the neck. I’ll match the shade of the neck to the centre of the face. That way there’s a brightness that emanates from the centre of the face moving outwards. The biggest mistake people make is trying to match the cheeks which are usually darker. The key is having lightness through the centre and then the cheek tone for contour.

When it comes to South Asian skin tones, sometimes women can go too golden and not acknowledge that cool tones are also required. Priyanka taught me that. She taught me that golden tones are great but there needs to be some cool tones in there as well to balance out the face.



Main Image Photo Credit: Winners 


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