Beauty / Tamanna Roashan Gave Us Solid Beauty Tips From Her Latest Dress Your Face Masterclass

Tamanna Roashan Gave Us Solid Beauty Tips From Her Latest Dress Your Face Masterclass

Beauty Nov 29, 2019

Tamanna Roashan founder of Dress Your Face held her long-awaited masterclass on Canadian soil. We couldn’t resist but take part, so we sent celebrity makeup artist and beauty entrepreneur Kavita Suri of Infuse Med Spa to the latest Dress Your Face Masterclass. Check out her first person experience right here!

South Asian talent is usually predominant in Bollywood films and fashion, but to have it showcased on a platform in the mainstream market would be a very rare scenario.

It was 10 years ago that an eye shadow palette caught my eye, naturally with me being a makeup artist, my eyes were always peeled for the next ‘big’ thing. It was the ‘Tamanna’ Palette collab with eyebrow guru Anastasia Beverly Hills.

Dress Your Face Masterclass by Tamanna Roashan
Tamanna Roashan founder of Dress Your Face. Photo Credit:

Tamanna Roashan the founder of Dress Your Face was officially an icon in the making. Her fame in the beauty industry started with her YouTube DIY vlog about doing the Arabian eye and since then there was no turning back.

In late October, approximately four hundred women — who dazzled from head-to-toe — eagerly waited for the arrival of this world renowned beauty icon at the Arlington Estate, in Vaughan. The fact that it was on a Sunday at 10am, was proof of her massive following. She was in town to conduct a day-long Dress Your Face Masterclass.

The morning  started off with all the guest entering an immaculate decorated venue with seated chairs and LED Make Up mirror for each student all from Impressions Vanity. On the tables were set branded DYI notebooks and pens and a yummy lip shaped shortbread butter cookie, oh and not to mention a bag full of skin/makeup products for the students to use during the seminar.

The gorgeous room set up for Dress Your Face Masterclass. Photo Credit: Kavita Suri


Dress Your Face Masterclass By Tamanna Roashan
Dress Your Face Masterclass: Each vanity had these super cute items. Photo Credit: Kavita Suri

Raj Girn, CEO of ANOKHI Lifestyle, introduced Tamanna with an empowering speech that motivated the ladies to start their day. “For almost 150 years now, we’ve been told that ‘beauty is in the eye of the beholder’. Let’s think about that for a minute. If beauty is in the eye of the beholder, and there are almost 7 billion people living on this planet today, which beholder are we supposed to listen to?” Girn asked. “I believe that we need to re-write this belief system that’s defined a mindset of self-deprecation for far too long and this is what I’d rewrite it to ‘Beauty is in the eye of the beholden’. So, if beauty is in the eye of the beholden, and you are the beholden, and there’s only one of you, then you only have to set your standards to the beat of one person — and that’s you!”

Dress Your Face Masterclass By Tamanna Roashan
Raj Girn with Tamanna Roashan at the Dress Your Face Masterclass. Photo Credit: ANOKHI Life

Roashan showcased and taught her famous eye look “cut crease” in both a natural and dramatic feel with the application and breakdown of a full face of make up. With the successful completion of the master class students received a workshop certification diploma as well as a photo with Roashan.

I had the pleasure to experience the VIP tour where I sat down with the Roashan who shared her love for her Canadian followers, the value of personal face time with her fans and her next big plans.


Dress Your Face Masterclass By Tamanna Roashan
Kavita Suri is ready for her Dress Your Face Masterclass experience! Photo Credit: Kavita Suri

Kavita Suri: I understand it’s been 6 years since having your masterclass here in Toronto. What made you come back and why now? 

Tamanna Roashan: Toronto has always been a supportive community, it was my first masterclass I ever did, because of the high demand. A lot of the students come to me from Toronto for training in L.A., so it was a no-brainer to come full circle.

KS: What is so magical about doing a masterclass? 

TR: It’s having so many women coming together for the one common interest and goal. It is electrifying when the students receive the foundation I lay out for them and the response I get back.

KS: What do you look forward to the most when meeting your fans? 

TR: The one-on-one connection. Yes, we connect via social media but to see and touch in person is so gratifying. Also, to listen to their personal stories and hug them is where it makes it so worth it.

KS: What was your “aha” moment for you that this was your true calling?

TR: The teaching aspect of it. I personally took courses for makeup and I found that I didn’t learn as much as I wanted so I decided to explore and do my own teachings specifically with the South Asian/Arabian style.

Dress Your Face Masterclass By Tamanna Roashan
Kavita Suri with Tamanna Roashan. Photo Credit: Kavita Suri

KS: What was the Facebook post that got you noticed by the beauty industry? Were you surprised by the response?

TR: It started on YouTube with the “Arabian Eye” which I reposted on Facebook and that’s where the major recognition happened for me on Facebook.

KS: What was your breakthrough post that made your Instagram grow tremendously? 

TR: The continuation of Facebook followers onto Instagram. I then did a “Bling Eye” with my friend who gave me a fantastic idea to do the look and to tag/hashtag other beauty influencers and boom!

KS: What are your 3 key social media tips that others should keep in mind?

TR: Consistency, Content, Engagement.

KS: Your collab portfolio includes the ‘Tamanna’ Palette with Anastasia Beverly Hills and the ‘Tamanna Collection’ with Bombay Hair. Did you envision yourself starting such product lines? 

TR: Never would have thought that I would have my own line. I just wanted to be the best at everything I did hair, make up, henna designs etc. I thought I was going to own a salon with different floors offering bridal/beauty services.

KS: Would you ever have your own product line and if so, what would it be?

TR: Yes 100%, it is in the works. Mainly colour and beauty tools. With the brand name DYF as that is the empire.

KS: What 3 things would you tell your daughter when it’s time for her to figure out her own career path? 


  1. “You better take over my empire (laughs)”.
  2. That she is supported by her family with whatever she desires to do.
  3. Follow your passion.


I do want to end this blog by saying this was truly a dream come true for me as I have been a fan of  Tamanna Roashan since forever as another striving beauty entrepreneur. Thank you Raj Girn from ANOKHI Life for making this magic happen.


Main Image Photo Credit:

Kavita Suri

Kavita Suri


Kavita Suri (@kavitasuri_beautyinc) is a celebrity makeup artist & a sought-after name in the Toronto beauty industry. With over 20 years of experience, she's developing a brand for bridal beauty while running a medical spa, beauty training and her own skincare line, InfuseDerm.


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