Showbiz / Salman Khan Gets Closer To Nature By Launching Being Human E-Cycles

Salman Khan Gets Closer To Nature By Launching Being Human E-Cycles

Showbiz Jun 07, 2017

Salman Khan recently launched e-cycles for sustainable city development, and to help target reduced carbon emissions and noise pollution.

The Bollywood megastar launched the Being Human e-cycles in Mumbai alongside his family, which included Arpita Khan, Aayush Sharma, Arbaaz Khan, Sohail Khan, and others.

Often seen cycling around Mumbai, Khan made an eco-friendly entrance by cycling from his home to the press conference.

Khan unveiling the e-cycles alongside brothers Sohail and Arbaaz Khan, Photo Credit:

The new range of Being Human e-cycles are targeted towards cyclists of any age, and have a top speed of 25km per hour. Complete with an on board battery pack, they are priced between Rs. 40,000 – Rs. 57,000 (approx. $620-$884 USD).

Along with giving back to fans, the star is putting in efforts to contribute to the well being of nature.

“Since the time I got into movies, my fans have accepted me… They pay to watch my movies. It’s my time to give back to fans,” Salman told IANS. “We pay our taxes, we pay rent and the most important thing is to pay Mother Earth to live here.”

E-Cycles Salman Khan
The e-cycles are just one of the products that fall under the Being Human brand, Photo Credit:

The Bollywood actor who was once accused of poaching blackbucks near Jodhpur in 1998 claims to have tight-knit relationship with nature and is dedicated to a greener environment.

“We come from farm lands, my parents and grandparents. My grandfather is from Jammu. All our meals coming back from school used to come from fruit-bearing trees,” said Khan. “I have planted fruit-bearing trees in my building and in my farm. Nature is very important… We need to plant as many trees as possible.”

Khan’s Being Human brand offers apparel and jewellery, and now e-cycle sales will also be used towards education and healthcare for underprivileged in India.

It doesn’t stop there, Sallu Bhai’s business acumen has him venturing into smartphone development as well.

E-Cycles Salman
Some say Khan is capitalizing on personal popularity for new business ventures, Photo Credit:

“We have just started our entry into the category, we need to be careful. If people buy our products and like it, we will see,” said Khan. “We are starting the cycles and the smartphones in small numbers and we hope to have minimum losses and maximum gain.”

According to earlier reports, the actor had been taking out time to build a management team for the “Being Smart” products.

The smartphones will be launched along Chinese brands like Oppo, Vivo, Xiaomi etc and will be targeted towards a middle-class audience.

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