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5 Reasons To Read Love In The Empire

Showbiz Apr 25, 2017

Spring is in the air, and we have five reasons why we’re so in love with Jay Chauhan’s new heartfelt novel!

Eloquently written, Love In The Empire takes readers on a journey about a profound, cross-cultural romance set in the 1960s during the Post-Colonial period of the British Empire. Taboos and challenges of cross-cultural marriage were particularly prominent in this era.


Love In The Empire
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A love story infused with historical significance that touches on the political and social mayhem during the transitional time in history, Love In The Empire is a novel about fictitious characters written in a first-person perspective. Based on an East Indian character born in Tanzania but also a British subject due to colonization, the story highlights the difficulty of its protagonist in trying to master a life that includes the educational and social aspects of the Western world while remaining rooted in the cultural traditions of a large Indian family. This story features multiple themes that gracefully intertwine, including perspectives about cultural changes during the postwar period of the 1960s.

A perfect story to warm up with during these rainy days, this timeless novel is available on Amazon, and it’s high on our recommended spring reading list.

Read on for our top five reasons that it should be on your shelf.


  • 1. Intent to inspire: This is a story about perseverance — not only in love but also in migration during difficult times. The book shares a message of strength and hope. Chauhan’s purpose is to spread a message of hope to readers who may be facing the challenges of immigration, particularly the courage required to restart their professional career in a new country. Love In The Empire sends the message that, with a strong spirit and steady moral compass, we can lead all of our lives in the direction of our dreams.


  • 2. An author with accolades: Born in Tanzania and now residing in Ontario, Chauhan studied economics in London before being called to the bar in 1965. After marrying his European wife and moving to Canada, Jay dealt with the challenges of migration. But he persevered and was called to the bar in Ontario in 1972. By 1992, Jay was appointed a deputy judge and, since his retirement in 2016, Jay continues to serve his community by offering mentor programs. Jay has written several articles about law, and his first novel has already garnered international interest. The end of the novel includes a summary of Canadian life, celebrating the benefits and diversity the Country cultivates for its residents. This positively powerful message has earned acknowledgement from the likes of current Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau.


  • 3. Revel in romance: With approximately 91 million people using online dating sites, it can be easy to give up on the idea of chivalry and romance. With divorce rates surging, the ideas of marriage and commitment continue to evolve. By exploring the challenges of maintaining cross-cultural love during a period in history when it was still relatively rare and heavily discouraged, Love In The Empire serves as a much-needed reminder about the power of love and acceptance.


  • 4. History is helpful: There’s much to learn from the past, including paying homage to brave individuals who led by example to break down cross-cultural barriers and immigrate to new places. At times, it may seem easy to focus on the benefits of migration, and though this story does highlight those benefits — especially at the end — it also demonstrates the difficulty that can come from adapting to a new place.


Love In The Empire
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  • 5. Racial issues remain relevant: Though we continue to become more accepting as a society when it comes to cross-cultural marriage and the importance of non-violence and peace, there’s still much work to be done. Political and social taboos surrounding race remain pertinent, and Chauhan touches on those themes through his heartfelt, elegant writing.


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