Showbiz / No Dad Left Behind: Our Fabulous Father’s Day 2017 Gift Guide

No Dad Left Behind: Our Fabulous Father’s Day 2017 Gift Guide

Showbiz Jun 08, 2017

Dads usually get the short end of the stick when it comes to Father’s Day gifts. So ditch the tie and take a look at our amazing Father’s Day Gift Guide. Why? Well, dads deserve to get pampered, too!

It’s 9:30 at night. I’m tucked into my favourite elephant blanket with a hot latte, watching home videos from when I was just a kid, as I often like to do. What’s my favourite part? Seeing my dad in each and every video. He’s the dad who would come home from work and run to play with me on the floor before changing out of his high-end suit. Dad, who threw me on his shoulder for walks when it was nice out. Dad, who hid the homeless kitten from mom so that I could play with her even though mom hated cats. Dad, who played badminton with me until the street lights came on. Dad, who taught me self-respect, confidence, and hard work. That’s why it’s so important that I show Dad how much I care this Father’s Day — just like you would want to!  Here are some great gift ideas to surprise Dad with and who knows, maybe making a home video of this year’s Father’s Day will be the icing on the cake.

Here are some great gift ideas to surprise dad with. And who knows? Maybe making a home video this Father’s Day will be the icing on the cake.

What better way to show dad you care than by encouraging a day out? Tenkara Rod Co offers a comprehensive array of lightweight fishing rods, lines and accessories related to fly fishing. Ranging from $7 CAD (the smallest accessories) to $270 CAD (complex packages), Tenkara Rod Co can fit any budget. They have packages geared toward your specific outing with everything you need to enjoy your day, and they have separate parts for the dad who just needs a couple replacements. They even have videos highlighting specific products and how to use them! Browse their collection and fly.

Father's Day Gift Guide
Father’s Day Gift Guide: One of the many packages offered by Tenkara Rod Co! Photo Credit:

Whoever said men don’t like jewelry are liars! Give dad the ultimate bling with a manly, rugged touch by shopping Thomas Sabo. Sabo specializes in expressive and iconic designs for women and men with the highest quality product around. Their newest collection, Rebel at Heart, focuses on men, bringing the collection an edgy, masculine vibe. The line is made with 925 sterling silver and hand-picked precious stones to make dad feel all the more special. Rebel at Heart includes beads, rings, watches and pendants ranging from $50 CAD and up. Find their flagship stores all over Canada and at a jewelry store near you. You may as well buy him a leather jacket and a motorcycle after seeing this collection.

Father's Day Gift Guide
Father’s Day Gift Guide: Just a glimpse of the Rebel at Heart collection. Photo Credit:

So dad isn’t a rebel? Soothe his mind, body and soul with Saje Natural Wellness. Saje is all about healing using only 100% natural, plant-derived alternatives to pharmaceutical medicines. They feature products ranging from essential oils to body care, skincare, at-home care and natural wellness products that heal an array of illnesses. Their remedial products have earned Natural Health Registration Numbers from Health Canada and have been recognized as OTCs by the US Food and Drug Administration. Some of their bestsellers include their Peppermint Halo Headache Remedy, Liquid Sunshine Cheerful Diffuser Remedy, Peaceful Warrior Men’s Skin Care kit and Saje’s Limited Edition Après Sweat Kit. With hundreds of products to choose from at all affordable price points, you’re sure to soothe any of dad’s ailments.


Father's Day Gift Guide
Father’s Day Gift Guide: Saje’s array of healing products. Photo Credit:

You can’t go wrong with styling up dad. Using Ted Baker London’s contemporary designs and never-ending fashion trends, dad will look as debonair as ever. From shirts, suits, shoes and bags to accessories, Ted Baker has it all to keep dad up to date with the latest looks in fashion. Since Dad is no ordinary man to us, it’s fitting that we dress him up in the “No Ordinary Designer Label.” Choose from several of their products trending right now, including the JAWS Leather Striped Document Bag, the Tropic Embroidered Cotton Shirt and the KIING Leather Brogue Sneakers. Although these products are pricey, we think dad’s worth it.

Father's Day Gift Guide
Father’s Day Gift Guide: The Debonair Dad Collection. Photo Credit:

If your dad is anything like mine, he shaves. Every day. This Father’s Day, provide the best for his daily routine with Jack Black products. Fragrance-free, colorant-free, cruelty-free and dermatologist tested, Jack Black products are made for the well-rounded man. Their products work effectively and efficiently, providing dual results from one product. For example, consider a hair, face, and body wash in one or a shave cream that also softens and conditions the skin. Give dad a line of products he can call his own instead of watching the poor guy secretly use his wife’s skin and body products. Choose from individual products or convenient sets.

Father's Day Gift Guide
Father’s Day Gift Guide: The many products of Jack Black. Photo Credit:

As a young girl, I remember asking my dad why his dress socks were always the same boring colours. This Father’s Day, jazz up his sock drawer with Yo Sox! Proudly Canadian, these quirky, delightful and affordable socks are just what’s missing from dad’s wardrobe. Now he can have a pair of socks to match his personality, mood or interests every day! Grab individual pairs that suit him or check out their bundles!


Father's Day Gift Guide
Father’s Day Gift Guide: Holy Socks! Photo Credit:


If giving a gift this year just doesn’t seem to cut it, give Dad an experience instead! With the help of Breakaway Experiences, you can show dad how much you care by choosing an array of exciting activities and adventures all over Canada — from stock car driving and flying lessons to bar hopping packages or even cooking classes! The best part? You can choose what part of the country you live in and they will pull up all the adventure packages near you. Since they offer so many awesome things to do that fit nearly any budget, check out their Father’s Day section with adventures for him.

Father's Day Gift Guide
Father’s Day Gift Guide: Give the gift of an experience. Photo Credit:

Looking for unique gifts for dad that he won’t be able to find anywhere else? In comes Uncommon Goods, a website that truly has some not so common gifts. With an abundance of different products to choose from, it can leave your head spinning. Thankfully, they’ve included a section just for Father’s Day gifts. They have everything from a Couch Arm Table and Personalized Whiskey Barrels to Himalayan Salt BBQ Planks and an NFL Game Used Uniform Wallet! You’ll find all this and so much more stuff your funky dad will totally appreciate!

Father's Day Gift Guide
Father’s Day Gift Guide: Some of the fun gifts for Father’s Day! Photo Credit:

If your Dad is more of a giver than a receiver, we’re down for that, and we’ve got just the gift for the humanitarian dad. The Papa Project allows you to buy a real gift to a real project that changes real lives. As part of the Gifts of Hope from Plan International, the Papa Project includes facilitating community fathers’ groups, where men can meet to learn and talk about such topics as maternal, newborn and child health, sexual and reproductive health, including family planning, and men’s roles in these areas. It also ensures that health clinics welcome both men and women. This gift is about strengthening the links between positive and caring fatherhood, equal-gender relationships, and healthy and strong families. The best part is when you buy a Papa Project, your gift is matched! What’s better than the gift that keeps on giving?

Father's Day Gift Guide
Father’s Day Gift Guide: Give the gift that changes lives. Photo Credit:

Alright, so dad likes to splurge a bit on himself? Why not give him the gift of technology and fashion? The Apple Watch is the perfect gift for that on-the-go Dad. The fashion part? It’s attached to a Hermès Fauve Barenia Leather Double Buckle Cuff. Cue mic drop. The watch comes in a stainless steel case and is valued at over $2,000 CAD. Pricey? Yes. Is Dad worth it? Yes! The watch itself is a Series 2 collection, along with the built-in GPS GLONASS, is water-resistant up to 50 metres and has a dual-core processor — all on your wrist! Check out all the features and customization options here.

Father's Day Gift Guide
Father’s Day Gift Guide: Sophistication and Technology come together. Photo Credit:

Is your dad pretty sporadic? Wish you could just throw a bunch of stuff in a box? Now you can with the help of SprezzaBox.  SprezzaBox is a monthly subscription of manly goodies — and they even offer a gifting option. They offer customized products for that special guy in your life for an affordable price. Each box comes with fix or six products — ties, wallets, sunglasses, socks and much more! They’ve been top-ranked by GQ Magazine and Men’s Journal as well, so you don’t have to second-guess their quality. They also have a store you can browse to buy all of their popular items directly! Tell pops to suit up and get ready to finally be excited to see some mail each month!

Father's Day Gift Guide
Father’s Day Gift Guide: Customized boxes for each special guy. Photo Credit:

If dad likes to use his hands, whether it’s outside or in the kitchen, then Chef’s Choice is the way to go. They’ve got everything from small appliances, grills, grinders and sharpeners to slicers, and more! It’s all the excitement of a candy store, but with technologically advanced home, kitchen and outdoor gadgets. You can find the smallest gadgets, like Zeroll’s the Original Scoop and Chef’s Choice Sportsman Classic WafflePro or move on to the big boys, like the Chef’sChoice® Professional Indoor Electric Grill and Chef’sChoice® Trizor XV® Sharpener EdgeSelect. If you’re looking to have dad do what he does best, provide him with the tools he’ll need to get the job done!

Father's Day Gift Guide
Father’s Day Gift Guide: For the dad who loves the kitchen. Photo Credit:

There you have it! You’ve got some pretty solid options to present to dear old dad this Father’s Day. Let’s face it: giving him a mug every year isn’t going to cut it anymore.

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