Showbiz / Here’s What To Expect From CBC Music’s Two South Asian Web Stations

Here’s What To Expect From CBC Music’s Two South Asian Web Stations

Showbiz Jun 21, 2017

Searching for music from your favourite South Asian artists? CBC Music and Raoul Juneja have got your back!

CBC Music joined forces with Juneja, one of Canada’s top media experts on urban and South Asian music, to highlight some of the best artists from Canada and abroad.

CBC Music
Juneja has many accolades including ANOKHI Magazine’s Excellence in Music Media Award, Photo Credit: Diem Franke

Juneja acted as a guide for CBC Music, making sure South Asia’s musical heritage was brought front and centre and giving artists a worldwide platform.

Here are the two stations launched in celebration of South Asian heritage:

1.South Asian Mix

CBC Music
Amazing roster of artists. Photo Credit:

This first station originally hit the airwaves in 2014 during South Asian Heritage Month.

It offers the perfect blend of English and South Asian hip-hop, R&B and pop music brought to you by seasoned and emerging artists.

Here’s a small taste of what listeners can expect:

Canada’s Delhi 2 Dublin, a world music group who play a fantastic fusion of Bhangra, Electronic, Funk, Dub Reggae, Hip Hop, and eve Celtic music.

Delhi 2 Dublin’s “TumbiWOW” official video. Photo Credit: YouTube

Canadian musician, Subir ‘Master-D’ Dev who has revolutionized Bangla music.

Subir ‘Master-D’ Dev’s “Desichick” official music video. Photo Credit: YouTube


Britain’s Sonna Rele, who was discovered online by R&B legend Ne-Yo and offered her a record deal.

Sonna Rele with Ne-Yo. Photo Credit: YouTube

British rapper Raxstar who raps for a cause and is dedicated to female empowerment.

Raxstar’s video “Bandbook”. Photo Credit: YouTube

2. Bhangra Plus

CBC Music
CBC’s boasts a fabulous bhangra selection.  Photo Credit:

This most recent web station is chockfull of your contemporary Bollywood hits and showcases Punjabi bhangra tunes from all your favourite music maestros.

You can expect to hear hits by these artists and more:

Canada’s En Karma, a group of friends who are dedicated to creating music that gets people moving and grooving.

Delhi 2 Dublin’s video for “En Karma”. Photo Credit: YouTube


Jonita Gandhi, dubbed Toronto’s nightingale and made her way into Bollywood as a playback singer.

Jonita Gandhi’s “Tu Tu Hai Wohi (The Unwind Mix)”. Photo Credit: YouTube

India’s Miss Pooja, who is the largest-selling female bhangra artist worldwide and known for reviving Punjabi duets.

Miss Pooja’s music video for  “Sohnea”. Photo Credit: YouTube

Songs by A.R. Rahman, who is described as the “world’s most prominent and prolific film composer.” Rahman has two Academy Awards, two Grammy Awards, a BAFTA Award, and a Golden Globe under his belt.

“O Sona Tere Liya”. Photo Credit: YouTube

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