Showbiz / DIY: Music Festival Essentials You Need Now!

DIY: Music Festival Essentials You Need Now!

Showbiz Jun 26, 2017

The Woodstock vibe is coming back as day- or weekend-long music festivals are popping up all over the world. Here are our music festival essentials you need to make your fest experience fabulous! 

Performance packed fests have fans in a tizzy to enjoy their summer days but as much as you may get caught up in the excitement, it is imperative to do a thorough read of what is and is not prohibited at the event. Concerts and festival organizers are very specific with their entrances and each one has slightly different requirements.

Organizers are just trying to ensure the safety of their attendees so somethings are banned at all events such as laser pointers, lawn chairs, selfie sticks, and the lists go on. In the last few months, some festival goers have also come under fire for wearing culturally sensitive or offensive clothing, so some organizers have put a nix on that as well, making it a little more challenging to rock a unique look. But fear not, we have a little DIY mention below to help with that.

With all events, personal safety should be your number goal alongside having a great time. When getting ready, consider your personal safety, comfort, and then add some style to it.

Personal Safety

Safety should be the number one thing when getting ready to head out, planning ahead of time means full fun at the festival. Consider a water bottle like the Hydaway which is compact and useful, avoid wearing dangly that can pose a choking or pulling hazard, and pack portable chargers to keep your phone alive. Arrange a meeting spot with friends, have a map of the site on hand, and pick up some ear plugs ahead of time. A small bag that you can wear close to your body like the SPIbelt Small Personal Item Belt Unisex is perfect to tuck all your valuables in and keep it close to you.

Music Festival Essentials
Musical Festival Essentials: Hydaway Bottle in purple. Photo Credit: Hydaway


There should definitely be a no questions asked approach when it comes to comfort during the festival season, so spray on the sunscreen and bug spray or get a nifty Bugband Wristband to ward off pesky bugs. However, nothing sucks more than feel blah because you aren’t comfortable and there is no shortage of cute and comfy shoes and caps available at all major retailers. Don’t forget the sunglasses and a light sweater for night time. Check out this festival fun and ready rolled up MEC Festival Blanket, compact for easy travel and designed to keep the tush dry while relaxing and it rolls up easily when you are done.

Music Festival Essentials
Music Festival Essentials: MEC Festival Blanket. Photo Credit: MEC


Festivals have become breeding grounds for new styles but that doesn’t mean you have to adopt them. Cultural appropriation isn’t cool even if your outfit looked good, so it’s a good idea to just stick with a basic style and then jazz it up. Bright clothing, shoes, and funky backpacks like the ones offered at Parkland MFG or 7 A.M. Enfant are a great fashionable and functional pieces you can don for the weekend.

Music Festival Essentials
Music Festival Essentials: Electric Blue Dino Backpack from 7 A.M. Enfant. Photo Credit: 7 A.M. Enfant

DIY Headbands


  • Hair elastic
  • Fabric glue
  • Ribbon
  • Scissors

Step 1: Measure length of ribbon to fit snugly around your head and snip.

Step 2: Take one end of the ribbon and wrap it around the elastic, and fasten with fabric glue, hold until secured.

Step 3: Make sure the length of the ribbon is flat against your head, shiny side up, and fasten the other end around the elastic. Secure with glue.

That’s it! A simple headband within a matter of minutes. Add flowers, sequins, beads, feathers, or any other little trinkets that catch your eye.

Main Image Photo Credit: Huffington Post

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